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25-04-06, 19:51
Over the past few years I have developed a passion for linguistics as most of you know and I see my self as a teen polyglot. It also came to my attention that some of my teachers speak other languages that they don't teach, such as Japanese and Russian. The times I've went to them for grammar tips and help,they always appreciated my enthusiasm; but they never thought I could do it. They always told me that I will never do this by myself and that it is impossible. My speaking, writing and reading is very good and I proceed very fast. However, these opinions didn't mean much to them but it really hurt me and made me feel like I was wasting my time. After a few of these opinions, I considered dropping this passion as I was beginning to beleve it was impossible for me to become a young linguist. I felt like I was kidding myself the past 3 years, I wanted to do something abnormal, something no ordinary person could do. But I began to think I was meant to be ordinary, like everybody else.

But today I was googling, and I came across an Israeli man. Ziad Fazar. He was no ordinary man, this man was fluent in over 62 different languages and he was only in his 40's, I began to doubt this info until it told me more about him and that he was actually a real-life "hyper" polyglot. I read into his past and he to was doubted by people around him. But he kept on going, with only a grammar book and a dictionary. He went to a consulate and they turned him down for his Chinese as it was too hard and he couldn't do it on his own. But 2 months later and he returned and shocked them all. His ability was brilliant and he presented with all kinds of offers, trips, jobs, He could speak over 30 languages before he was 17. He decided to go to Brazil, where his talent was recognised, and he appeared all over the worldon television, where he was proved to speak fluent Korean, Hungarian, Czech, Mongolian, Thai, Japanese, Hindi etc.

After hearing this, I realized that I can do it, and I looked at my book collection on the shelf above me, as I read each title, I realized that this dream is in front of me, and that it can be achieved, and that this ability is above my head, and one day I can achieve it. I discovered a great inspiration, and maybe in 2 months, I'll Rreturn and smack em all in the face. :)

25-04-06, 20:00
excellent- persue your dream Anthony :tmb:

funnily enough i was reading about trilinguists earlier and thtought of how extremly differcault that must be, untill i read that some poeple have a knack for it- what languages can tyou speak as i think you will be my personnal phrase book.:D

25-04-06, 20:01
Having such a way with languages is a real gift :eek: You really should cultivate your talent and use it; I would kill to be fluent in just one other language :rolleyes:

As it is I can just about manage to say ":cen: it's raining" in french and "blessyou" in german :p

25-04-06, 20:04
:vlol: greenkey- you would be able to live in france then, they have similar weather. :D

25-04-06, 20:04
Glad you found an inspiration, Anthony.
Follow your dream, no matter what! :tmb:

Capt. Murphy
25-04-06, 20:06
I was looking for the 'rate this thread' thingy. It must be deactivated. :(

Oh well, guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way. ***** :o

I wish you all the best in persuing and achieving your dream anthony. It's a very worth while endevour. :D

25-04-06, 20:08
I have books on...


All of which I have paid over 250 in total.

Out of all of them I am best at...


Some of them I barely find the time to read.

People think Im crazy for learning these at the same time; but, weirdly, I never get mixed up except for in school once where I was supposed to answer a question with a number, and I accidently said (in roman text) Pyat' which is "5" in Russian.

It happened for a few days, but it went for good after that...:D

25-04-06, 20:20
Out of all of them Arabic is bloody hard!:hea:

25-04-06, 20:22
Very good pursue in life Anthony. Don't let others put you down and pursue to the end.. You'll end up being even better than that guy that spoke 62 languages. :)

25-04-06, 20:23
Wow I wish you luck - pursue it Anthony - you have the right outlook for sure. Did you get on the school council afterall? It's good to see you posting :hug:

25-04-06, 20:41
God,it feels so good to prove people wrong,it's like 1000 orgasms,Anthony I say go for it:D

25-04-06, 20:42
Wow, I need to borrow some of those books you have! :eek: I would love to be bilingual, I think that's one of the most useful skills anyone could ever have. I believe in you, Anthony! Keep up the great work on learning those languages, you can do it! :tmb:

25-04-06, 20:45
Did you get on the school council afterall? It's good to see you posting :hug:

Hell yeah:D

Ok, now I have one more thing to do...

*2months later*
A coldbitten Mrs Cleeves walks out of the Language black across the yard, she sees a black silhuoette, she approaches it with caution, a friendly voice greets her, Its Anthony, he immediatly asks her if she is familiar to what she said 4 months ago, just as about she replies with a Yes, Anthony throws a backhander across her face and runs off into the fog.

As he seeks cover he puls out a list:


Frau Cleeves - CHECK
Miss Mason -
Ms Mowat -
Mr Boucaud -
Mrs Tinnion -

25-04-06, 20:45
Learn the language of Mathematics while your at it:tmb: (and greek too!:D )

25-04-06, 21:05
Ok, Im back, I just clubbed Miss Mason over the head with a milk bottle!:D

Shes out the picture

25-04-06, 21:58
Ok, now I have a plan to get rid of Ms Mowat, I will put some food on a large X on the florr and get an umpa-lumpa to roll a boulder off the top of the staircase so it wil fall down and land on Ms Mowat...and I will slap her on my way out:p

Capt. Murphy
26-04-06, 03:06
Out of all of them Arabic is bloody hard!:hea:I've heard about somewhere in California (I think :confused: ) there is a school / Spanish Class that takes these field trips. I can't remember how often they do it - but they go out to a Spanish community. The purpose is to teach the Mexican people there English while at the same time they teach the students Spanish. :D

Maybe someone like Catapharact would be able to Chat with you sometime... If that's even possible. I mean, if it would involve Arabic 'typing'...? :o

Just a thought. :pi:

Maureen Errant
26-04-06, 05:49
Not many of us are gifted as you are Anthony..............don't let other jealous types get you down.:)