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26-04-06, 02:47
Anyone else had this problem? (360 ver)

I was almost out of nepal,I just got the sword, at the part where the floor crumbles..

instead of going to the left i went to the right... if your careful you can manage to platform over to the right ledge to safety.. or so i thought :hea:

Now im screwed.. i can get to the bottom door by dropping down but it doesnt trigger anything

and of course i screw myself over by trying to leave the way i came in..(autosave) I Just want to LEAVE!

This is bull I get this far and i cant beat the damn game. *sighs*

Yuna´s Wish
26-04-06, 02:52
There is just one thing I can say: Why did you have to make it so complicated? I mean, the camera shows you where to jump, do what the game tells you :D I don´t know if you can fix this. I don´t really think so. You´ll have to load a previous game:)

26-04-06, 02:56
lol yeah i did quite a few times.. all resulting in a high pitched scream

Yuna´s Wish
26-04-06, 02:58
Good luck! :tmb: And you´re so close to finishing the game:p

26-04-06, 03:04
meh screw it.. at least i didnt buy the game..
I wouldnt either.. the fact is its riddled full of bugs.. One being on the 360 ver its in widescreen mode on my non-widescreen tv, with no settings to adjust or anything(and yes my settings are fine all other games show up perfectly)

26-04-06, 03:06
You rented it then?

26-04-06, 03:09
yes i rented it

26-04-06, 06:00
yes the game is buggy on all XB plat forms it seems.

26-04-06, 10:04
:D On my PS2 version, I haven't had one bug.

26-04-06, 10:32
I'm trying to go that way, but I can't manage it. There two ledges on the right. One, which is a "wooden" ledge, same as the one you are supposed to jump to the left. And a second "stone" ledge (that collapses after a while) in the back right corner, same with the one I'm starting from. Where am I supposed to jump? The "wooden" ledge seems too far away and there is no way to go from the "stone" ledge (Lara can't grab\ land on the ledge on the side of the room). I suppose it's the "wooden" ledge, but Lara can't reach it. (PC player here)



26-04-06, 11:52
Like he said Elen, his game is glitchy. I'm sure its a glitch how he got over there. I actually tried that several times, trying to go to the right and not the left.

(i knew the xbox sucked from the start XD All show and no play.)

26-04-06, 11:55
:D On my PS2 version, I haven't had one bug.

neither have i it works perfect

26-04-06, 12:30
I'm just trying to understand which ledge he reached and how (if it was too far away or not). The fact that the ledge is closer is not a glitch. It's a different design. Unless he stepped on an invisible ledge that helped him?

The glitch is the end cut scene that cannot be triggered if you go that way, therefore you can't end the level. I'm interested in knowing in which ledge he went, so I can warn the XBOX players in the walkie. That's it :wve:

26-04-06, 12:57
I honestly can't understand the whole "glitchy game not worth my time" threads. Ive played this game A LOT know (on 360) and not encountered one problem. Most games ive played have had some sort of glitch but its to be expected, this is actually by far one of the best. If you ask me, people are looking for something thats not there, just because the old games had so many bugs! (theres one video on this forum where the player has scaled rooftops in Peru, gone off course and then had to Swandive in a VERY specific spot, just in order to get the game to mess up! Wonder how the playtesters missed THAT one. :rolleyes: ). And btw, the widescreen setting on 360 is changed via the 360 dashboard, not in game. (I own both a widescreen and non-widescreen TV and the game looks fine on both for me)

26-04-06, 13:04
Isn't there a metal object on the ceiling over towards the exit door? Not exactly knowing where you are standing, can you jump out and grapple it, then swing to the ending platform? (I'm not sure if you are on the balcony-like side or much further on the other side of the room.)

I finished the game a while ago so my memory may be sketchy.

26-04-06, 13:06
There is just one thing I can say: Why did you have to make it so complicated? I mean, the camera shows you where to jump, do what the game tells you :D I don´t know if you can fix this. I don´t really think so. You´ll have to load a previous game:)

Yeah. Why couldn't you just do it properly?:confused:

Alex West
26-04-06, 15:17
yes the game is buggy on all XB plat forms it seems.

I have played it on XBox and haven't experienced a single bug yet. :D

26-04-06, 15:36
Same here :tmb:

27-04-06, 01:03
On the Xbox (in replay mode at least), it's not hard at all to get over there. In fact it's at least as easy as the normal jump sequence (there is no pressure after the first jump).

Both vids show jumping over to the right, but with different moves to smash the door. (Smashing the door is cool. ;P )

In fact the stones to the right don't fall, so while the real path may be evident to most players, it is a bit of level design brain fade IMO. Not to mention play testing. It's not that large a leap to imagine someone mistaking that route for the proper path after failing to make the jump to the door ledge a few times. And without waiting for the final pillar to tip, that jump is nigh impossible.

I'll never understand those that lay the blame of glitches at the feet of the player. :( Or those who gloat over the percieved superiority of the system they happen to game on. Oh well, so it goes.

I was able to end the level normally by hanging off the platform even after triggering a prior check-point (stairs). Dying however glitches the game (like Kasakhstan). The level end trigger is gone. Even dropping to the platform on the final pillar doesn't help. So, if you die without hitting a prior check-point you're OK. If you trigger a check-point, you're OK. Die after triggering a check-point, you're (apparently) stuffed.

27-04-06, 01:16
neither have i it works perfect
same... except for today.... the pole in the heart... in mansions gym... climbing on nuthing:D and i mean this

http://img287.imageshack.us/img287/6540/cap0159la.th.jpg (http://img287.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cap0159la.jpg)
photo from someone on forum!

27-04-06, 02:16
I've seen some glitches on my X-Box, since that pole in the heart to Lara freezing, but none too serious.