View Full Version : Shrek the Third on the horizen!

26-04-06, 04:22

I <3 puss in boots!!!!!!!!!!!

*could this be TR8 since it involves King A?

Maureen Errant
26-04-06, 04:47
It's good to see that they have the same people doing the voices.

Love donkey:jmp:

The Bull
26-04-06, 05:24
a movie with Sam Neil came out in 1997, it was called Event HORIZON!

Maureen Errant
26-04-06, 05:37
Watched it..........good flick, but, ummmmm I don't remember there being a donkey in it, or a cat wearing boots:tea:

26-04-06, 09:31
No not another one i can't stand shrek

Legend of Lara
26-04-06, 15:29
The first two were disasters. Unfunny, uncool and dull. Hope the third will be better.:tea:

26-04-06, 15:42
Oh I don't know, I rather liked them :D

Puss in boots is just the best thing sinced pouched cat food :tmb: Especially if you've seen Antonio in Mask of Zorro :vlol:

26-04-06, 15:47
The first was the best.. the second ok... I dunno about this one, though im not that excited.

There meant to be doing a 4th one aswell.