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26-04-06, 07:24
My boyfriend and I were talking about childhood memories and what our best ones were, and I was wondering if any of you were intrested in sharing some?

One of my favorite childhood memories having the chicken pox and then being sent out to buy milk, my mom told me it would build character and sure enough some snotty girl made fun of me and I instantly learned a very valuable lesson.

Capt. Murphy
26-04-06, 07:30
Getting a Sega Genesis (aka Mega-Drive) for Christmas... Last year. :pi:


No, no. ;) This was back in 89' or 90'.

My parents tricked me into thinking it was a present that was supposed to be for my Sister (smart move putting the "wrong name" on it so I wouldn't be tempted to sneak a peek :mis: ). This was Christmas Eve, we took presents to my Sisters house, then came back... "Oh look, we forgot one.. Why don't you go ahead and open it?" I open. I faint. :rolleyes: :jmp:

26-04-06, 09:53
Getting my first kiss :D Not exactly the best kiss i've had but twas' a nice memory.

26-04-06, 13:19
when my big sis bought me a super nintendo back '94.so nice of her:hug:

26-04-06, 14:59
One of my most enduring and beautiful memories is of coming home from school at about six years old to find that my mother had bought a new christmas tree and had it set up with new decorations. It is not the tree that is the delighful memory, but the beautiful smile upon my mother's face. Some years later she told me that her smile was because of my smile.

Legend of Lara
26-04-06, 15:41
Playing Sonic The Hedgehog 3 on Mega Drive. :)

26-04-06, 15:44
Walking up to the gruel pot in the workhouse canteen and asking the geezer in charge for more...... arghhh crap that was Oliver Freakin Twist.:hea: :D

26-04-06, 15:45
starting schhol and meeting the people i hang around with today and laugh with everday allday