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Real Life Lara
26-04-06, 16:43
Hey :wve: Just outta interest, anyone else got their final exams coming up? My standard grades start this Tuesday, Administration etc... Eek! =S Ill be glad when they're over... I plan to go into hibernation till the highers begin :p My last one is on May 23rd, Biology... but good thing is I have like a week or so free of exams before that to revise (Bio's my worst one... well, tied with geography lol) Then after that, we're just off till the 9th. Woo! That'll be the best ever, for once a holiday where my Dad cant nag at me to revise... o_O Ah well, rambled on enough now. :p

Anyone else? :wve:

26-04-06, 16:44
I have my first GCSE on monday, art, eek :eek:

Real Life Lara
26-04-06, 16:45
Ooh our schools art ones start this Friday. Im so glad I didnt take it! lol Good luck :wve:

26-04-06, 16:45
I have my first GCSE on monday, art, eek :eek:

10 hour exam?

26-04-06, 16:46
Yes :eek: Thanks Real Life Lara and the same to you :hug:

26-04-06, 16:47
my gcse's start in june- around my birthday. but im doing some gcse's early so i have all the year 10 test5s aswell during that period so its all a bit squashy- but good luck everyone

26-04-06, 16:50
I have my SATs next week and i havnt revised yet :eek: :p

26-04-06, 16:52
I'm not doing Final exams but I have two modular science exams coming up in a few weeks, good luck to all those with exams due :)

Leon xXx
26-04-06, 17:02
exactly how many subjects ur taking real life lara?

26-04-06, 17:03
A GCSE exam in June - English Literature. I already took my English one last year. :)

26-04-06, 17:03
i have my SATs tests next week. and the week after i have internal exams ...worst thing is i've only revised one module of science and that took me 2 hours!!! :(

Real Life Lara
26-04-06, 17:07
8 subjects in total :wve: English, Maths, Biology, Geography, Music, Administration and Business Management. All credit (the highest grades) *stress* =S

Edit: Well my maths isnt gonna go very well... thats seven subjects I counted... damn whats the other one?!

Edit again: FRENCH! Thats the one... :p

26-04-06, 17:12
everything is gonna be fine- if you think your not going to do well then you wont. its only a test.
i got my timetable a second ago and i have to do, ICT, Maths (statistics), Design technology, 2 terminal science double award papers, english romeo and julliet- there all the gcse's im dong this year
year 10 tests- geography, more maths, english, science,

26-04-06, 17:31
10 hour exam?

i have my A2 exam in graphics starting next week, thats 15 hours long :(

Real Life Lara
26-04-06, 17:34
15 hours?! Geezo... :eek: Good luck :hug: Luckily all my subjects are written, so theyre just 2 hour long papers. No practical ones... well, apart from music, but we did the playing part a few months ago... luckily I passed that section. Woo! :D

26-04-06, 17:43
Oh, I did my art waaaaaay back in March, just have to mount my coursework now lol. And I've got my french oral exam next Wednesday.

26-04-06, 18:54
Sats Test next week

26-04-06, 18:57
I had a Math Free Response exam today... I think I totally bombed it! :tea:

26-04-06, 18:59
I sent off my last exam (a computer-marked assignment or CMA) back at the beginning of this month. No more exams for another two months yay! http://fool.exler.ru/sm/ura1.gif

26-04-06, 19:02
I have my year 10 mocks. I get Study Leave :D

26-04-06, 19:21
I have my MOC SAT's next week. Until then, Im drawing up making a detergent specially for blues:D

26-04-06, 19:59
My end of course tests (or EOCT, for short) are next week. English monday :hea:, Science tuesday :hea: :hea:, and math wednesday :hea: :hea: :hea:.

Tomb Raider Master
26-04-06, 20:36
I have tons of exams ATM: Biology, History, Art, Italian, Math and Chemistry. :hea: :p

26-04-06, 20:39
I've got my International Baccalaureate starting next Tuesday. Two weeks of exams, and then I'm done with this rubbish, ha!

average stalker
26-04-06, 20:40
mine are coming up next week and the week after that. stupid exams made me cancel my plans on making a 4 hour drive to see Nevermore and Evergrey

26-04-06, 20:45
(Gotta write these out so I'll remember them...)
These are all Scottish SQA Highers.
Thursday 4th May - Art (Practical)
Friday 12th May - English
Friday 19th May - Maths
Thursday 25th May - Art (Written)
Monday 29th May - Computing

Then no more school and on to college/uni! :D

26-04-06, 20:46
I havent, but 2 of my friends have SATS next week.

26-04-06, 21:09
CAE in June. Hah! Zat iz sposed too test english o'mine. Wish me luck because getting that paper costs. And once I have it I can show off to the world that I have reached the level of a 6-years-old English! Yay!

26-04-06, 21:18
I missed a exam...scared the hell out of me...60% of my term mark!!!

Thank god I talked to person who is the chair of the first year...she say all is forgiven as long as I don't repeat the same mistake again...

Lara Lover
26-04-06, 21:19
Tests? God, My mum got test's for the summer. I gotta start revising soon!

Grrrrr! :(

Real Life Lara
10-05-06, 23:39
Heya again, just wondering if anyone sat Standard grade geography today? I did... general and credit... AGH! What the heck was the first question of credit all about?! :yik: I guessed the majority of that paper... o_O

10-05-06, 23:51
I did General/Credit S.grade geography last year. Got a 2 for it. I always thought the questions were daft and I made plenty guesses in the credit paper - I'm sure you've done fine! ;)

What Highers are you planning on picking? Or are you leaving after summer? :wve:

10-05-06, 23:53
Flying monkeys!!! Just finished with all my dissertations. Then i have finals then I just hope that I attain the grades or else my university applications will be... Nooooooooooo!!!!! Gotta study, study, study!!

Real Life Lara
11-05-06, 12:03
lol I hope so...

I chose Higher English, Maths, Administration, Human Biology and French. I really am gonna have the most boring timetable in the entire school :p

Ooh and I have my music exams in one hour. o_O Yay...