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26-04-06, 20:34
I don't know about everyone else, but I play Tomb Raider, and I start thinking "damn, these are some cool relics she's finding...I wonder if there are any cool things out there in the real world." So I recently went looking on the Internet for things that have been found, as well as different Myth Relics (Relics that have been thought to exist due to left over writings or what have you, but haven't been discovered, i.e excalabur).

And then I thought, "who better to ask about this kind of thing than a group of Tomb Raider fans? Surely some of them will have had the same thought that I've had!"

Now, I could turn out to be wrong in this assumption, but regardless of whether you've gone searching on the Internet, or whether you've sat around and done very little about it, you've surely heard of some relic or something. We've all watched Indiana Jones, we've all Played at least one Tomb Raider game, and we've all heard some legends and myths, so at one point or another we've all seen/heard about an ancient relic.

Long story short, what is your favourite relic, real or mythical?

I think as far as real, discovered relics go, mine would have to be either The Antikythera Mechanism, or The Dropa Stones. The Antikythera Mechanism seems to be very Tomb Raider like, in that it is advanced way beyond what we thought the civilization was possible of, but The Dropa Stones are amazing pieces of work, which also have the weird story of men from some distant world who crash landed on Earth.
However, this is just from spending 20 minutes looking around the Internet, and these were both found on this page (http://paranormal.about.com/library/weekly/aa011402a.htm).

If someone has any relics other than the ones found on that page, please do share...the more I search, the more interested I become in this stuff. :D

26-04-06, 20:44
The golden stool. A ceremonial relic of the Ashanti culture dating years and is still present today.

Im getting interested in WW artefacts, my mentor is an artefact collector (shes 56:p ) She has many relics from around the world, she has a chunk of the Berlin wall, a bunch of medals dating decades. They are authentic and in very good condition. Her husband owns a variety of different weapons such as Samurai swords and Napolianic swords. She also a stone carving of Viracocha she bought in Peru.

Im starting to get an interest in Soviet artefacts such as medals, badges. Its quite interesting.:D

26-04-06, 20:46
World War artifacts interested me for a long time. Indeed, they still do. And I've always wanted to own a Samurai Sword...I just need to save enough money up to buy a decent one. Really, who wants to buy one of those £50 replica things? It'll be a long time saving though, knowing me...

26-04-06, 20:48
I love ancient artifacts; preferrably Egyptian ones. The jewelry and scepters are all very beautiful looking, but I really like the Canopic Jars (used during embalming the dead). Below I've posted a picture of a set of four.


26-04-06, 21:05
i love cycladic idols.

26-04-06, 21:11
...preferrably Egyptian ones...I really like the Canopic Jars (used during embalming the dead)Heh, I've been helping in a Primary School for the past 2 years, and our class learnt about the ancient egyptians this year. I remember some of the stuff I learnt when I was their age, but there was some stuff that was completely new to me.
Anyways, they all had their individual projects, and this pair of students picked up a book about egyptian mummies. Oh boy, they were over the other side of the room and all I could hear was "EEEWWWW."
Who says History is boring? :D

26-04-06, 21:17
just like xMiSsCrOfTx, i'm also really interested in egyptian artefacts.. but lately i've been looking for greek artefacts.. and i found some interesting things:

Pan's Syrinx:

Bow of Artemis:

Merlin's Wand (not greek):

some interesting artefacts.. and of course you also have some very interesting locations, like:

The Garden of Eden:

The Fountain of Youth:

and of course a few of the 7 wonders of the ancient world:
- Lighthouse of Alexandria
- Colossus of Rhodes
- Mausoleum
- Statue of Zeus
- Hanging Garden of Babylon

i love ancient, mysterious, magical and mythical things

26-04-06, 21:29
For the shot of Merlin's Wand, do you mean the same Merlin that was supposed to be the Wizard during the Legend of King Arthur?

Heh, although I believed there to be actual people by such names (the film King Arthur made a decent attempt to show this idea, although the storyline itself fell apart some I think), I would never have imagined Merlin's Wand to be that finger holder thing. That's pretty cool looking.
Unless of course you're on about a different Merlin...then again, I don't know too many Merlins...

26-04-06, 22:12
The crystal skulls.
The finding of this one (Mitchell-Hedges skull) totally reminds me of Tomb Raider.. A tale worthy of Lara herself :)

Who made them? Why? And most of all, How? This one's flawless and bare's no evidence of carving!


27-04-06, 21:44
The finding of this one (Mitchell-Hedges skull) totally reminds me of Tomb Raider.Ha, if that doesn't scream "Tomb Raider" at anyone, I don't think anything will! That's truely a remarkable relic...

27-04-06, 21:45
The skull is cool! :tmb:

27-04-06, 21:48
My favourite ancient relic has to be my mother :D

28-04-06, 01:13
Mine is my car.

28-04-06, 01:15

Lol at both of you!!

28-04-06, 01:16

Lol at both of you!!
same here:D

28-04-06, 01:21
The crystal skulls.

Mm, yes. And all the other unexplained ones :tmb:

28-04-06, 01:31
In truth I have only really played TR games and I recall few of the artefacts I collect. I recall the dagger of Xian obviously and the 'Infada'? stone?? I could pick up a purple pumpkin and not know I had it, I am not altogether observant unless I spot some ammo that is - that's all I'm interested in :D

28-04-06, 03:37
i think i like the scion in TR1 most.... don't know much anicent ones, less than ones i like.

Jin Uzuki
28-04-06, 03:43
Not a relic...but ancient: The Lost Treasure of Yamas-h-i-ta. :wve: Really intrigues me where the Japanese hid it in Asia.

28-04-06, 04:05
was looking at the paranormal site, i am thinking that those unexplained stuff could actually be what people in the future invented time machines and went back time to travel a bit and left bits and pieces like tourists do, while maybe some kind of law forbids disturbance to the timeline to reduce paradoxes explaining why there are so few artefacts/future objects found.... or maybe they've got some vapourising hoovers with them.