View Full Version : Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

27-04-06, 08:14
The US version is out.


27-04-06, 08:36
haven't seen it yet, saw the trailer you posted earlier and am going to go buy it as soon as the sunrises. I haven't even heard about it until now, looks amazing.

27-04-06, 08:46
I wonder when it hits europe :confused: I've seen trailers from it.. and it's beautifull...

27-04-06, 11:42
It's not out in Australia yet. Not that this is a surprise, we get everything late... I don't even have TR Legend yet.

But i'll be getting it next tuesday, as long as the release date isn't changed.
Already seen the Japanese version, and love it, its my favourite movie. Can't wait for the English dub.