View Full Version : Long and hard battle

27-04-06, 15:09
So i had just returned to my room and i sat at my computer typing away when i heard the diustinctive buzz of something i slid my wheely chair to the door and looked around and there it was a wasp in my window the thing was like a inch long,so i grabbed my body spray and a lighter and sent some flames towards it it buzzed like a rattlesnake on a diet it flew towards me and i dodged it a couple of times i let some flames at it and it went towards the window i thought i had it i went at it with a folder and my spray it flew around the back of me i was trapped i ran like a school girl just fell of the swings i got to the stairs and i realised im bigger than it so stalked it from the cover of my door and ran in flaming it to death it retreated like a theif from poilce and i had in the window i went for the kill with the flame and it got all crispy its wings went then i just smashed it with a dvd case what a battle it lasted 7 mins and we where both exausted one was dead the other was tired there is only one winner the

Human Race

27-04-06, 15:10
LOL :D http://www.planetsmilies.com/smilies/party/party0049.gif I can't even open my windows in my bedroom because there are these beetles on the window screen. :(

27-04-06, 15:13
My dad is buring wasps in the garden right now... :pi:

27-04-06, 15:16
I once chase a fly for 3 hours to kill it...

It really sucks when you run out of insecticide...

27-04-06, 15:21
So u all know there after me now i was sat reading these replies and well another made into the room i enclose a pic aswell as i just crushed it with me baseball bat from along distence


27-04-06, 15:25
if im not on for a while you all know why they got me

27-04-06, 15:27
ok so im getting scared i went into the bathroom and there was another 1 i don't know whats goin off

27-04-06, 15:41
Mmmm deep fried crispy wasp. You never know, it might catch on :D

27-04-06, 15:43
Sounds like a successful battle!

27-04-06, 16:03
i was quite impresses with my self,king arthor would have been proud

27-04-06, 16:11
How repugnant that you would relish the killing of another living creature.

27-04-06, 16:24
I'm just surprised you didn't set the house on fire! :)


27-04-06, 16:34
I'm just surprised you didn't set the house on fire! :)


I was to