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Jin Uzuki
28-04-06, 07:10
Sony Computer Entertainment America unleashes its latest effort to satisfy Sony PlayStation 2 owners before making the big leap towards the next generation.

It's official: Sony's bet for the Next-Generation market (PS3) will be released on the month of November 2006. But that doesn't stop the team behind God of War, one of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed games of the year, to set a tentative release date for the sequel of the said title on February 2007 for Sony's current-gen platform (PS2), a time when Sony PlayStation 3 may be at its peak buzz-wise and, more importantly, sales-wise.

The reason?

Sony commented ... that God of War II is appearing on the PlayStation 2 rather than the PlayStation 3 to satisfy current owners who aren't ready to make the next-gen leap just yet. If development continues apace, the game should make for a nice late Christmas gift to legions of gamers early next year.

- GameSpot
With a brand that has been highly acclaimed this year to have a sequel for Sony's current-gen platform and on a rather late release date, it seems that PS2 will have a wheelchair for a while to keep it from having a ceaseless nap after the most of the last batch of its games gets released on late 2006.

This writer gives a 'thumbs-up' to God of War II being released on 2007. :tmb:

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Source: Gamespot News (http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/godofwar2/index.html)