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28-04-06, 15:38
Has any1 ever played this game called "Fatal Frame"? I hav! I luv it!!! It's brilliant!!! There are three games in total:

Fatal Frame (Being made into a movie)
Fatal Frame II: The Crimson Butterfly
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

Has any1 wun else played this game?

28-04-06, 15:50
Played the first one at it is spooky! Haven't played the others yet, but I intend to. Great stuff! :D

28-04-06, 15:51
I played Fatal Frame II. Mio was a great protagonist.

28-04-06, 15:53
Ooh goodie, more game reviews. I like game reviews as I am so not savvy about what is out there and what these games consist of :D

28-04-06, 15:56
Yes, I'm glad lots of ppl apart from me hav played them!

My personal favourite is the first wun, my favourite ghost is [/spoiler/] Blinded, and my favourite ritual is [/spoiler/] Demon Tag.