View Full Version : Microsoft axes Windows 98 & ME...

28-04-06, 16:23
Microsoft has officially said it will stop making or supporting software or hardware for Windows 98 & Windows ME. :


This means that no more products will come out for these 2 OS's. All I can say is it, had to happen someday...

28-04-06, 17:21
Its been like this for a while now..

28-04-06, 17:29
True. But for those with these 2 OS's, you'll still recieve support etc. for free so theres no need to be worried. Microsoft probably done this to move people in to the 2000/XP era.

28-04-06, 17:30
I can't wait for vista

28-04-06, 17:33
I have Windows ME... My brother has XP... I'm a loser :pi:

Paul H
28-04-06, 17:56
Windows 98 2nd edition was a very good operating system. I still have that on an old computer and it never crashes. Windows 98 1st edition, on the other hand, was awful.

28-04-06, 17:59
True Paul H, I also used to have Windows 98 SE :). Also I can't wait for Vista too Zip! :jmp: