View Full Version : Farewell Fine Forum Folks

28-04-06, 22:43
I am sorry to announce that I shall be absent for the forseeable future.

I have very much enjoyed my time here and have made many friends :hug:

I shall miss you all but it is time I moved on and concentrated on my own forums.

I am deeply sorry for any mishaps that have occured, especially with regard to the admin team.

My role here has only ever been to provide humour, support and fun. Whenever I have posted something risque I have always done so with tact. I have been privelaged to have been called upon for moral support from several members via PM.

I wish the site and it's moderators and members the very best indeed :)

But for now I must retire and concentrate on my health and of course my new forum :)

Thank you all for making my time here such a pleasant experience and I hope that the fun continues.

My love to all,

Lo/Sugs :hug:

tlr online
28-04-06, 22:47
I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say I wish you all the best for the future.