View Full Version : PM system temporarily disabled

tlr online
28-04-06, 23:39
Evening folks.

The Private Messaging system and Search Index has been temporarily disabled while we perform some routine database optimisation.

28-04-06, 23:41
then perhaps you could find another way of getting in contact with me because there is something I think I should bring to your attention.

tlr online
28-04-06, 23:42
I can hold off for ten mins. Go right ahead.

28-04-06, 23:43
Right here? In this very thread?

tlr online
28-04-06, 23:43
Check your PM Jacob.

28-04-06, 23:49
hasn't the search function been disabled for quite a number of weeks now?

28-04-06, 23:51
Thanks for warning us tlr! ;)


tlr online
28-04-06, 23:58
PM done. Search Index being optimized atm.

Capt. Murphy
29-04-06, 00:05
*coffee clatchers panic* :eek: