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29-04-06, 02:12
I have spent almost 4 days now watching all 3 of the extended editions of Lord of the Rings. Including the hours (and hours!) of bonus footage and making of documentaries. It really is sheer magic and the greatest movie experience I have ever had in my life. The tireless work and effort that went into these films is incredible.

Such an overwhelmingly beautiful piece of art.

average stalker
29-04-06, 02:14
it is quite an epic story. i love it

29-04-06, 02:15
I absolutely loved the entire LOTR trilogy. I have them all on DVD and I never get tired of watching them. The story is truly amazing and well thought out. It's so overwhelming to think that this story came from one person's mind.

Have you read the books? Or the Silmarillion? The Hobbit was definitely my favorite book.

Out of the movies, I'd have to say The Fellowship Of the Ring was my favorite.

29-04-06, 02:17
In terms of a cinema experience, the Two Towers was my favourite. But the extended edition of Return of the King is my favourite of all. If only because it had Saruman back in there where he belongs :D

29-04-06, 02:20
Yes, I also loved Return Of the King. The ending was extravagant, it made me cry a bit too. :p

29-04-06, 02:32
Greatest Story ever told...."Shenmue Series"

Still unfinished

29-04-06, 02:35
Tolkkien was a bloody genious, if you ask me. He created a whole world appart with his mind alone.

29-04-06, 02:41
I watched all three movies for the first time this year, and I was amazed! The Return of the King was my favorite out of them all. I still want to read the books, but Iím too lazy. :p

29-04-06, 08:40
The Lord of the Rings - The Greatest story ever told?

Yes. Yes it is :D

As SMSL said: he's a genius, created an entire world apart from our own in his own mind.

29-04-06, 08:51
I read the books and enjoyed them so i saw the movies and i enjoyed them to.Peter Jackson told the story well and he deserved the awards that he got

29-04-06, 09:31
I absolutly love the story. After I watched the films, it started me off reading the books. I have read all of the first one and half way though the second.
I have about 3 posters of LOTR in my room, as well as loads of other stuff! :D

29-04-06, 10:10
yes undertaker, i have done that too, spend about a week watching everylast scrap of the DVD's i have all three extended ones too! Yes it is up there with the best story's ever told, in fact Tolkien made it sooooo real, it could be just some part of history we have forgot about!