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29-04-06, 08:13
How will I put a top10(FM) TV Card into my computer

I have got a free PCI Slot, i just need to no how to fit it

29-04-06, 08:28

willem van eijk
29-04-06, 10:06
ask joseph mybe he can help you

29-04-06, 11:16
Turn off the computer, pull the power cable out, open the case, use screwdriver to take off the little backpanel of the PCI slot you want to put the card in. Then, put the card in that slot, use screwdriver again to screw the card. Close the case, put the power cable in and turn the computer on.

29-04-06, 11:43
Have a look at this LINK (http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/its/resnet/desktopcard.shtml)