View Full Version : What kind of hat...

Jake Croft
30-04-06, 05:50
I prefer beanie type
Or normal type
Or Beanie with a peak xD
^^ Hat Fanatic i am :)
For people who dont know what a beanie hat is this is me in mine below >.>

30-04-06, 09:53
Flat cap

30-04-06, 09:56
don't like hats-they give me hat-hair:p

30-04-06, 10:13
I don't wear hats. Except maybe a stetson :p

30-04-06, 10:19
I dont really like hats that much, ive never found a type i like.

30-04-06, 14:49
Top hat i wear one all the time with my trench coat i llok like a undertaker but who cares

30-04-06, 15:12
I'm definitely not a hat person. :p

James Burgon
30-04-06, 15:17
I have a black beanie with a hat I always wear because my hair is well long now and it gets in the way :P. I've stretched it though so now it has some stupid bobble at the top sometimes, and I look like a proper old-school rapper, haha.

30-04-06, 15:52
Hats make me look really crazy. See avatar for confirmation :p

30-04-06, 15:53
I have too much hair to wear a hat. :p I like normal hats though.

Jake Croft
30-04-06, 21:36
Rofl i love hats =']

Legend of Lara
30-04-06, 22:03
Yeah, I prefer beanies too. Caps are cool too. :D

Jake Croft
30-04-06, 23:24
:o Beanies are like well sexy
And Normal Caps
Are like WOWZ

30-04-06, 23:26
I love Fedora's. :p