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30-04-06, 11:10
I have wrote something that new members may feel at home because of. Tell me what you think.

Hello and welcome to Tomb Raider Forums, the biggest Tomb Raider Online Forums in the world with over 19,000 members who come and enjoy talking to the people who also enjoy talking about the same thing. We have some brilliant people with different stages of Tomb Raider experince as well as brilliant Administrators and Moderators who help make our forums a better place. If you are not yet a member come and join us and help us build an even bigger and better community. Chill out in the Tomb Raider series forums, or talk about anything in the General Chat. Introduce yourself or congratulate people for the things they do. Or start up a competition or post your work in our fan section. If you have any troubles post them in our Technical Support where our friendly moderators and members will help you solve them.

Welcome to Tomb Raider Forums :) Enjoy your stay!

30-04-06, 11:11
Sounds good to me! -nods-

30-04-06, 13:00
:confused: :confused: :confused:

Sorry but I haven't read all

30-04-06, 13:01
What LC2122 is saying that this could be used as a welcome messege to new members of the forum :)

30-04-06, 15:15
Apart from that one typo, it sounds great :tmb:

30-04-06, 15:17
Um what would be the purpose of this...Or are u saying to make it a Sticky in the "introductions" section?

30-04-06, 15:18
Sounds more like an ad to me :)

James Burgon
30-04-06, 15:20
That's not a welcome message, that's like, a paragraph just explaining every sub-forum. The welcome message should just be short and sweet.

'Hello and welcome to the Tomb Raider Forums! You are now part of a community of 19,000 members dedicated to all things Lara Croft (who also enjoy the occasional chat). You may want to introduce yourself to the rest of the community through the ‘New Member Introductions, Birthdays and Congratulations’ forum, and then go from there. I hope your stay with us is long and enjoy the forums!'

Would be alot sleeker.

30-04-06, 15:22
Sounds pretty good :tmb: