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Agnese Croft
30-04-06, 14:24
Does some one know, where can i get 80x80 px tomb raider or lara croft pictures??? :confused: :D

30-04-06, 14:28

30-04-06, 14:44
Get a Lara pic, use something to make the image 80x80 px, photoshop is the easiest for this.

Lara Lover
30-04-06, 14:47
I use Paint Shop Pro 10 X :tmb:

Or, Post a picture of Lara and we'll change it :D

Agnese Croft
30-04-06, 15:05
I don`t know how..i never do that and thas why i don`t know.. can some one tell how...??

30-04-06, 15:07
Have you got any image editing programs like Photoshop or Paint Shop or InfranView or something?

Agnese Croft
30-04-06, 15:09
no..i think

30-04-06, 15:13

30-04-06, 16:52
sorry thought you was after a poster i missread the sizes,you need photoshop and just make it smaller

30-04-06, 17:24
you could try using "paint" but it might come out messed up cause paint is cheap:p, so best to use photoshop or paint shop pro..if you have one(or both) of those

30-04-06, 18:00
Well...You must have Paint on your computer. So do this:
Open Paint, go File-->Open and then choose your image from your Desktop or My Pictures. Then, if you want to get use the whole picture, go Image-->Stretch/Skew. In the bow that just appeared, write 50% in both feilds (don't touch the other two at the bottom). Repeat the step as long as the pic is the right size.
If you want a part of the picture, you should crop it somehow, but I've got no idea how.
I have used the first option a lot, but then got Photoshop. I suggest you either download a free trial, or buy it, because there is nothing better than a good editing program.