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30-04-06, 19:08
I love to dance salsa And I am a professional dancer in this area.
I saw this video, And i Think that is realy cool!!
See and enjoy!

And one more thing, can you please tell me how can i download the video for my PC, because i had already tried, but i Cant :( !!
Please help me because i need this video fo a work that i am doing!
If you find the link our something, or another way of download tell me please!
Thankx!! ;)


30-04-06, 19:10
:yik: i would either trip her up or forget the moves.if you can do that you have talent

30-04-06, 19:13
wow. that's was pretty incredible. i've gone salsa dancing once and those people would prolly slap me for ever trying.

30-04-06, 19:18
That's so incredible. I wish I could dance like that. I like tango too. :D

Laras Backpack
30-04-06, 19:56
That was so cool! :tmb:
Over Easter I watched the movie Strictly Ballroom. That had some amazing dance moves too.

01-05-06, 08:21
The moves are really great!!

01-05-06, 08:31
There is a download button to the right of the video...