View Full Version : Load Balancing anyone?

tlr online
30-04-06, 23:40
Anyone had any (or as many) recently?

Lara Lover
30-04-06, 23:40
I have had some today. :(

30-04-06, 23:40
A little bit...not much...like once per 2 days...

30-04-06, 23:41
i ahve but not as much as a couple of weeks ago

30-04-06, 23:41
Haven't seen any for days now.

30-04-06, 23:45
I havnt had any for what seems weeks.. :D

30-04-06, 23:47
Not for weeks now :tmb:

And no, I don't want any either, thank you :D .

30-04-06, 23:51
Once today. Before that, I hadn't seen any for days - at least not enough to bother remembering.

30-04-06, 23:54
Had one today :wve:

Express Yourself
30-04-06, 23:56
Sorry, But, What is Load Balancing? :confused:

Lara Lover
30-04-06, 23:57
Sorry, But, What is Load Balancing? :confused:

It's whenever there's so many people on the forums. ;)

30-04-06, 23:57
well its a notice that says'load balancing' when you refresh the page. then you have to wait 60 seconds before your can access the forums agin.

30-04-06, 23:57
I had one today, but it didn't last half as long as some of the previous ones did :)

01-05-06, 00:03
ONLY one like 30 mins ago.

Legend of Lara
01-05-06, 00:08
GOD!!! I hate it!!! I have it WAY TOO MANY TIMES!!! MAKES ME GO HOMICIDA... Ooh... there's a catchy techno song in the radio. *dances*

01-05-06, 01:29
I get it everyday I think

01-05-06, 01:32
I havent noticed it in like a week, been great for me recently.

01-05-06, 01:33
I noticed it about 7pm today.

01-05-06, 01:36
I noticed it about 7:42 pm with approxiamtily 37 seconds on my clock while eating eating two chips from a fritos bag today.
My that was detailed :D

01-05-06, 02:06
I've been having quite a few, but at least they're more or less quick. When it's that so called super quick backup in process, it's a pain. One once lasted about an hour, a few days ago.