View Full Version : SATS Tomorrow.

01-05-06, 21:56
I just wanted everyone to wish me luck. I hope the luck comes to me :)

I know I should be in bed (which I will be in a minute) but i'm too nervous.

01-05-06, 21:57
I wish all the luck and calm during your exams,Lavinder :)!

01-05-06, 21:59
I really can't think of the word for somone who believed in karma, luck and ghosts; and stuff.

But thats me :p

01-05-06, 22:00
Good luck Laura, im sure you will do brilliantly! :tmb:

Tomb Raider Master
01-05-06, 22:01
Good luck, Laura! :tmb:

01-05-06, 22:02
good luck!:tmb:

01-05-06, 22:14
Thank you all, and goodnight :) Thanks to all those who are going to be posting the future too.

01-05-06, 22:21
Good luck, just remember to relax, make use of your time and don't try to rush through it..

i'm sure you'll do a great job! :tmb::)

01-05-06, 22:22
Good luck!! :)

01-05-06, 22:27
Good luck! :tmb:

tlr online
01-05-06, 22:28
Good luck! :tmb:

01-05-06, 22:33
Good Luck


Demo for VB assignment tomorrow for me also!


01-05-06, 22:42
Good luck lavinder, it'll all be over so quickly :)

01-05-06, 22:44
If it's like choose rihgt answer type, then good luck Lavinder :wve: ...well if it's like write a correct answer, then I hope you hav red all those thick study books :cln: and good luck!

01-05-06, 22:53
Took 2 SAT IIs and I took my SAT I on April 1st. Went terribly =[ but you should be fine if you concentrate! That essay's a b**ch, though, so make sure to watch your time!

average stalker
01-05-06, 23:02
good luck with the SAT. thank god i don't have to take it again. i took them 2 years ago before they added the essay portion. essays blow.

01-05-06, 23:06
Good luck

01-05-06, 23:07
You don't need luck. You make your own luck. ;) :tmb:

01-05-06, 23:09
I have exams soon as well! I know how you feel! Good luck :tmb:

02-05-06, 00:30
Good karma, best of luck and a helping ghost.

Jacob x5
02-05-06, 05:21
I have them later today. Science. Nothing to worry about. :D Well, same with Maths and English really.

I didn't to sleep for ages. I was tossing about trying to get comfy and when I finally did (and promised myself that I would never move again until the morning :D) my baby sister started moaning and moaning. Now I love my baby sister but I was so angry I could've...ooohhhhh... :p And eventually she stopped and I had to get comfy again, and when I did, she started again. For a moment I actually thought she was doing it on purpose to stop me doing well in my SATs, but then I remembered she was a baby. :p And she did it a third time aswell. I didn't get to sleep until about 11:45pm.

Good karma, best of luck and a helping ghost.

You forgot to mention 'stuff'. :p

02-05-06, 07:50
Kappa, and lots of good stuff. :wve:

02-05-06, 13:01
dunno if you're back yet.. but when you're back: how did your SATs go? :wve:

02-05-06, 13:12
Good luck Lavinder, and anyone else sitting them this week, sorry I'm a little late though!

Just to clarify, SATS in the UK are a completely different exam than the SAT's in US

02-05-06, 14:23
i finished sats and beginning cat6 tommorow :)

Lara Lover
02-05-06, 14:52
Good luck :tmb:

02-05-06, 15:06
Good luck :tmb:
lol.. that's late.. she's probably finished by now..

02-05-06, 16:38
heeeyyy...laura they went fine today eh? they were a ickle bit hard but we lived :P and we had a laugh with your HUGE calculator..someone stole mine btw :( anyways, maths tommorow* cries* cya there! mwah!

Jacob x5
02-05-06, 17:23
lol.. that's late.. she's probably finished by now..

No, the SATs are on every day of this week (excluding weekends of course, if that was worth mentioning :p).

02-05-06, 17:26
a whole week of tests - i didnt find them that nerve racking but i think im gonna be nervous sitting ym romeo and julliet paper in 4 weeks and weve only just finsihed scene 2 :(

02-05-06, 17:28
Just done science today, wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be :D

02-05-06, 19:46
A bit late, but good luck and i hope you did well, but they arent really anything to worry about, its like people worry about their GCSE exams, but they arent as scary as you think, just the time is boring. I remember finishing my paper way too early and be sitting around for an hour waiting to get out.