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02-05-06, 06:27
As I read many new posts for exams, I came up with this question :

Which one is/was your fav class and your worst one?

02-05-06, 06:37
my favorite one was film. my worst one was math :wve:

Jacob x5
02-05-06, 06:50
Well I enjoy nearly all my lessons now and there aren't really any teachers that I dislike, and it's quite difficult to say a favourite lesson. However, I know that I very much dislike PE, since that is the one lesson which I am counting down how many there are left this year. :p

02-05-06, 07:43
I don't like math,chemistry,physics. And I like...I don't really like any classes...but english is ok(except the retelling)...And also geography-we don't have to do anything there because the teacher doesn't care...

02-05-06, 07:46
Best: English, duh :D
Worst: Latin :hea: :hea: (I'd rather jump off a cliff than attend a Latin class.. :pi: )

02-05-06, 08:39
Best - Informatic
Worst - Maths

02-05-06, 11:01
Best - english
worst- history

02-05-06, 11:28
BEST -Don't know, History maybe?

02-05-06, 11:32
fave-History...i could sleep through it
worst-Maths...it speaks for itself

02-05-06, 11:51
Best: Technology, English, Art :D
Worst: Maths, Science :o

02-05-06, 12:26
Best: English, duh :D
Worst: Latin :hea: :hea: (I'd rather jump off a cliff than attend a Latin class.. :pi: )

I'm studying latin, it's not that bad. I'm going to ROme because of it! :p

Worst class: French (yuck language, bad teacher)
Best class: Science. Good results and easy teacher. Science itself is also very easy. (IMO)

average stalker
02-05-06, 12:34
worst class: English i suck at writing papers
best: Sociology for this semester

02-05-06, 14:06
Best: Mathematics!
Worse: History!Yuk:D