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02-05-06, 08:23
I was just wondering if anyone here has seen this movie, and loved it, as much as I did.

Usually I get bored after an hour and a half, but this move was 2 hours and a half and it didn't bore ma at all. I just love the japanese culture, the way they dress and everything. This movie had a great story, and mort importantly it was in english and people didn't fly in it, like those chinese martial arts movies... :p

This movie was awsome, probably one of the best movies I've seen this year.

Anyone else loved it?

02-05-06, 08:27
Memoirs Of A Geisha.

Sayuri: Beauty In Person


02-05-06, 08:33
I loved it,but it's not my favourite.:)

02-05-06, 08:43
I really liked it! :)
I thought the Chinese actors would bother me, but it didn't. It would have been better in Japanese, but it was really good. :) Visually stunning!

02-05-06, 09:08
I found it to be a intresting film and is well worth getting on dvd

Jack Croft
02-05-06, 15:45
Gonna Watch Soon :D

02-05-06, 17:03
I was amazed,

Michelle and Ziang in a NON action movie, at first I was doubtfull but they did REALLY well in this movie, I was amazed.

Lonely Istari
02-05-06, 18:39
I've been wanting to see this forever!

need... to... watch... Geisha... :hea:

02-05-06, 18:42
She's been in more non action movies than action ones.

02-05-06, 19:13
Did you see 2046? Zhang Ziyi is in that and its a drama film. it is the sequal to In The Mood for Love (not a porn film -.-) which is a brilliant film!

Lara Lover
02-05-06, 19:15
Never seen it, But, I just love the cover! :tmb:

02-05-06, 19:56
I cant wait to see it. I've read the book and I hope it lives up!

02-05-06, 20:05
The movie was incredibly well written. It felt like you were actually there. I liked the actors as well. They really fit in with the movie. :)

02-05-06, 20:08
... and mort importantly it was in english and people didn't fly in it, like those chinese martial arts movies... :p

Hey, I actually like those movies :D

But no, I haven't seen it :)

02-05-06, 20:14
It was one of those, 'Must Sees' for me. :p

02-05-06, 20:15
i've never seen it - the book was fantastic though

02-05-06, 20:51
I thought it was an excellent movie, but compared to the book, it wasn't as good. The book is amazing, but I really liked the movie.