View Full Version : Feeling good...

02-05-06, 17:56
I'm just.. feeling so good and happy :jmp: gues why?

here's the list:

1. There's a fashion show at friday

2. I remixed the music for the fashion show ( maybe I'll post some music here l8r )

3. Me with my step sister have made a dance show for the midle part of the show ( she's dancing and I remixed a song for it )

4. it's gonna be twice that day

5. AND...... I'm A MODEL IN IT with a longer entrance and I have an introduction :jmp: :jmp:

02-05-06, 17:58
well congratz :tmb: glad your happy and i hope the fashion show goes msoothly. perhaps this is is the root for greater things in terms of moddling

02-05-06, 17:58
Cool, Good Luck :tmb:

02-05-06, 18:00
thanks.. :jmp: I hope so...

02-05-06, 19:28
oh yeah.. I'm also making lights for the show :D
I think I might also narrate some part of the show.. maybe our dance intro..

Lara Lover
02-05-06, 19:32
Awesome! Good luck with that :tmb:

02-05-06, 19:36
Congratz & good luck! :wve:

Laras Backpack
02-05-06, 19:46
Fantastic! Good luck with the show :wve:

02-05-06, 19:59
Congratulations :)! I hope everything goes fine!

02-05-06, 20:00
Sounds cool, have fun! :)

02-05-06, 20:15
I hope everything goes well with the show! :wve:

02-05-06, 20:22
Yeah I hope too.. I already had one whow.. but I wasn't in it.. I just chose the music in it... mayb eI'll post the video of it and this new show later... if anyone is intrested..