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02-05-06, 19:53
I have not long finished my Terminator marathon (about 6 hours!), I bought the dvd trilogy yesterday

Which one, in your opinion is the best?

A) The Terminator

B) Terminator 2 - Judgment Day

C) Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines

D) All as good as each other

E) They are all :cen:

F) Never seen them

I think T2 is the better of the 3 films, the liquid effects of the T-1000 are outstanding and I loved the way it manipulated its arms into knives and the clamps to open the lift doors.

T1 comes a close second, because for its time (its 22 years old) was well made with a fresh story.

T3 then comes last, just because one has to! How can such a beautiful looking lady be such a crazy killer :D

Real Life Lara
02-05-06, 20:00
T2 Deffinitely :D The guy in that was so scary and menacing :eek: Plus he ran so fast!

02-05-06, 20:00
2 is the best, 3 is DEFINITELY the worst!!!

Lara Lover
02-05-06, 20:02
C) Terminator 3 :D

It's the only one I've seen. lol.

02-05-06, 20:02
C) Terminator 3 :D

It's the only one I've seen. lol.

See the others! 3 is :cen: !!!

02-05-06, 20:05
T2 obviously:D
T3 is the worst :mad:

Laras Backpack
02-05-06, 20:07
T2 is fantastic!! The T1000 bad guy is one of my favorite villains. The special effects are outstanding even by today's standards. :tmb:
T1 is a close second. T3 comes last. It was good, but not as great as the first two.

02-05-06, 20:09
I really liked Terminator 2. :D

02-05-06, 20:10
C) Terminator 3 :D

You have got to be kidding me!:yik:

Lara Lover
02-05-06, 20:10
You have got to be kidding me!:yik:

What? I've only seen the third one :p

02-05-06, 20:21
The second!

the first scared me a lot and the three is so boring, with so many ideas undeveloped!!

02-05-06, 20:22
Terminator 2: Judgement Day is one of the greatest movies ever! Definately the best of the trilogy.

Terminator 3 is the worst of the trilogy but still a pretty good film in its own right.

I think the Terminator series kinda lost it when it shifted focus from Sarah Conner to John Conner. T1 and T2 were Sarah's Story, but T3 abandoned this completely. I just miss Sarah Conner. She was total bad ass!

Laras Backpack
02-05-06, 20:25
I just miss Sarah Conner. She was total bad ass!
She's my favorite female character from any movie. :D I love her flaws as much as her independence and tough attitude. I respect that they didn't just trade off on her sexuality. She's a woman, a mother, a hero, a person with a terrible burden. She rocks!

02-05-06, 20:30
Yes,John Connor from the third film, is such a boring character;goody boy,predictable,and the truth is that her girlfirend makes pretty much everything!

He's so different from the younger John!And yes, Sarah was a really powerful character: I remember that scene when the morphing robot was pinning her with a blade,and she was still tough!

02-05-06, 20:31
What? I've only seen the third one :p
I know.
:p :hug:

average stalker
03-05-06, 00:25
this topic reminds me of my junior year of high school. we watched like every Arnold movie in one class. the 2nd one is awesome.

Night Crawler
03-05-06, 00:33
I haven't seen Terminator 3, but T2 is an excellent film.

03-05-06, 03:23
The second!

the first scared me a lot and the three is so boring, with so many ideas undeveloped!!
i thought the exact same things.

03-05-06, 04:30
T2 is the best without a doubt. ;)

Agent Dee
03-05-06, 04:56
I agree with all of you guys

T1 Awesome :jmp:
T2 MEGA Awesome :jmp: :jmp:
T3 Its OKAY :ton:

FYI if you dont have it, get Terminator 2 Judgement Day: Ultimate Edition on dvd, forget that so called ' eXtreme DVD' its not bad but the UE DVD has more 'meat and potatoes' on it

Here is just SOME of the stuff on this badass DVD

Disc 1
Choice of Thteater Cut or Special Edition 'Directors cut' with over 18 minutes of missing footage back in the film. Things like the a scene where Sarah and John remove Terminators CPU to reprogam him, and other stuff.
Hidden 'easter egg' 3rd cut of the film, containing the SE cut and 2 additional scenes, one with T1000 searching John's room after the phone conversation at John's foster parents house, and a 'alternate ending' that shows the year 2029 as a sweet and happy sappy place :hug: .
Dolby stereo, dolby digital, or DTS sound :jmp:
Disc 2
EVERYTHING you need to know about the making of T2 from the script (which the complete script is on the dvd you can read on your tv or PC screen, including alternate stuff that was never filmed, but storyboarded), to the casting, effects, and other stuff.
Making of T2:3D the Universal Studios 3D live action theme park attraction.
ALL the trailers, teaser and 2 release trailers, and trailers from different parts of the world.
Promotional gallery, posters, and other stuff from USA and the rest of the world.

My ONLY complaint about this DVD is it is missing the Gun's and Roses You Could Be Mine music video that plays in part of the movie and over the end credits. Other than that RUN don't walk and get this dvd if you dont have it, I give you Agent Dee's word you will NOT regret getting it :D .

03-05-06, 05:05
They were cool films! Number three was alright but the female terminatrix should be sent back to the factory whence it came! What a dud. Claire Danes was really good though. It was good at the cinema though! Great action scenes.

03-05-06, 09:06
i prefere the first film...it seems more real, and alot scarier (just imagine a guy as big as arnie chasing you-and there was no stopping him)
T2 was good, but it seems a bit long after watching it for god knows how many times...but the T-1000 is just ridiculous!
T3...well i can only watch this after watching the 1st and 2nd movie (i only ever watch them together anyway) but this one seemed like it was trying too hard to be a Terminator movie by adding together the best parts of the other 2 films, it just seems repetitive (and turning the Terminator into a comedy character didnt help it much either)