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02-05-06, 23:10
Hi all:),

Anyone on the forums watch the show?

I watch it on RTE Two and it's 2 eps behind America!

Just watched 2 clips from show 2x20 and 2x21 tonight on ABC's DH site and it's getting amazing!

Really can't wait to the finale!

Marc Cherry rocks!


02-05-06, 23:15
Anyone interested in the series?


02-05-06, 23:24

(Hates replying to own topic)!


02-05-06, 23:37
It's never really appealed to me for some reason.. Quite a few of my mates watch it, but that type of show doesn't have any allure for me! :(
I much prefer action. It's like the OC: I won't watch that because from what people say it's about, I think I could do better things with my time than watch a load of drunken young adults party, have affairs and get job promotions !

02-05-06, 23:38

I agree with you - the OC to me seems like paint drying!

But, to each their own and all that at the same time!


average stalker
03-05-06, 00:18
i watched a few episodes just because Eva Longoria is so gorgeous. One of my high school teachers always told us to watch it, but I’d always forget and it’s on the same time as Family Guy.

03-05-06, 05:29
Hey, the show is good!
It's not just any ordinary housewives story.There's murder,dark secrets and family problems to debut. Great show. It just make me sad that we're drawing closer to the end of season 2.

03-05-06, 06:16
I watched some episodes from the first series, it was really funny but with a dark humour similar to tim burton's films. I think the cast should stop getting so much plastic surgery because they look a bit freaky, especially the oldest one. Their faces looks streched and contorted like someone trying to have every emotion at once. :tea: :D :mad: :ton: :cln: :(

03-05-06, 06:39
I watch every episode,and well they make me laugh,originally my parents said what u watchin that crap for and now they watch it aswelll

03-05-06, 13:26
Won't spoil anything for you all.

But, something big is coming up in episode 2x20.

You will know what I mean if you watch the previews on the ABC.com DH site!