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03-05-06, 00:39

Capt. Murphy
03-05-06, 02:09
The new cash card blurs the boundary between the virtual and physical world even further. It allows people to access their virtually acquired PEDs and convert them into real world money at any cash machine in the world.

Players can transfer, withdraw, deposit and even view account balances using the system.
For many people, games like Entropia have become a real source of income. *shakes head*

03-05-06, 02:10
Some how, this gives me the feeling that the Matrix is coming...people will live in virtual instead of real world...

03-05-06, 16:23
Im on that game its well good

03-05-06, 16:25
Im on that game its well good
*raises eyebrow at zip*

03-05-06, 16:28
*Spock voice*: "Fascinating."

03-05-06, 16:32
Ok so its not amazin but its worth looking into,i much prefer TR or Guild Wars

03-05-06, 16:40
well hello agent smith

03-05-06, 16:48
You have to input real money into the game to make it. The game is free, but if you want to buy things like houses, you need to buy credits.

Think I'll sign up - I'm sure there's *one* way a peniless student can make some dough...:mis: