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03-05-06, 13:08
I think we should tell Crystal Dynamics and/or Toby Gard what we liked or hated about the most recent Tomb Raider so the next one can be improved.

Here's my list of what can be made better:

1. Camera issues.
The first problem is the arrow keys relate to Lara's position to the camera, not her left, right, forward and back. Depending on which way she is facing, you could press all of the these keys to go in the same direction. I prefer the old system, where forward in front of Lara, back is behind her, left and right are where her respective hands are. This caused Lara to fall to her death several times before I worked out what was going wrong. Climbing the Tesla tower would not have given me a moment's pause in the old Tomb Raider. In this version, I had to stop and think (sometimes repositioning Lara) before every jump. Not easily with the electric sparks!!!

The second problem is that the camera does not really track Lara properly. You cannot see the enemy she is fighting (in boss battles). More on this in the combat section.

2: Combat: I use two hands to make Lara fight. One for weapons control and the other for direction control. In this case, you need a third hand (or another person) to operate the mouse for you so that you can actually see what you're doing. When fighting Demon Amanda, most of the time I had no idea where she was (the camera was focusing somewhere to Lara's right). When I stopped moving to use the mouse, Lara got zapped.

The one combat feature I really liked in TRVI was streamlined to one move I never actually used (jump over enemy, boot kick). I like hand-to-hand combat (sometimes) in Tomb Raider. Particulary steath knock-out blows. It doesn't make sense that Lara only fights with guns, given that she's an expert in unarmed combat too.

The targeting feature needs work too. These problems occurred when Lara was standing on the end of the broken bridge. When I was fighting the sea serpent and it knocked her down (Lara was shooting at the bell), she would lock onto the sea serpent and nothing I did would make her choose the bell again. It wasn't until the sea serpent got tired of being shot and submerged that she reacquired the bell as a target. Also, the grappling AI in this section needs work too. Lara was facing the left bell and making it ring (the right bell had already been destroyed). As soon as the sea serpent turned to look at the bell, I fired the grapple. In most cases, Lara turned to the right and threw the grapple at the switch for the right bell. This did not end well, once the bell stopped ringing...... I'm not sure what I did, but I finally managed to get her to pull the left switch. After A LOT of failed attempts!!!

The only good thing about the mouse is it's good for manual aiming at a target. It doesn't have much use otherwise.

Bosses need a slower recovery time. With Amanda's pet demon, I had no time to grab the sword fragment. I managed to get it by fluke (randomly throwing the grapple).

Lara needs a better sniper rifle. I'm not sure the one I had was shooting far and accurate enough to hit it's targets.

3. Special Moves.
The commands for swan dive should go back to (hold) Walk, Jump+Direction.
The new command ((hold) Direction, Jump, then Crouch) was rejected by my computer most of the time with a loud beeping noise.

Likewise, handstand should return to previous commands too ((hold) Walk, Up).

I was also disappointed to hear that wall jump had been removed from the game.

4. What happened to the 15 level standard?
Why did we only get 8 levels?

5. Lara's home needs more rooms.
It didn't take me long to look over the entire mansion. It needs to be bigger. With ALL the rooms (guest rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc). It should be the kind of place you spend a long time exploring. This includes the outside too. Two locked gates was the only exterior part I saw.

6. Gold version please?
If this version of Tomb Raider is a winner, start making Gold games again.

7. Lara needs more medpacks.
Most often I found myself just barely winning boss battles (and occasionally regular battles with 30-40% of health (because I'd used up three (sometimes two or one, depending on how many I found before the battle) medpacks). In most of the boss battles, I lost because I ran out of health. If I'd had more medpacks, it would have been easier. And the ones on the ground (from the dead soldiers (Bolivia Redux) vanish after the checkpoint loads again!!! The pickups should stay there!!!

8. When do we get a flying vehicle?

Now for the stuff I like:

The train chase level is fun!!! I like the bike!!! Especially with the jumps.

The different outfits idea is neat. You can choose what to wear in each location if you want the outfit to be different (although this did result in a funny animation when Lara was wearing her special forces outfit on the train, taking off and throwing away an invisible jacket, I was expecting her to throw the vest away!).

The byplay between Zip and Alistair is also fun. Especially in the tourist attraction. They should have had a reaction for when Lara presses the button again (at Zip's request) though.

The electromagnetic gun is also fun. Especially once I worked out how to shoot barrels of oil!!! I really like that Tesla device.

Tokyo was also impressive. Pity that bike didn't get much use.

Overall, the game is really good. A big step up from TRVI.

Okay, my part is done. Still reading? Good. It's your turn. Post your opinions next,

03-05-06, 13:10
riddles,puzzles:D :p :ton:

03-05-06, 13:47
In: Lara Croft
Out: Shake it all about.... oops sorry that was the Hokey Cokey!.:D

03-05-06, 15:34
more puzzles, please. older games were more like the england level. plenty of exploring and puzzles with some fighting. not peru which is plenty of fighting and the incidental puzzle.

i didn't like the bike that much. if i wanted to play road rash, i'd put in road rash.

the feeling of isolation is totally gone because of the comlink. that's fine, i guess, because it helps moves the story, but i would prefer more periods of silence. fewer FMVs, too.

Jacob x5
03-05-06, 15:58
From what I have seen of Legend I agree with you completely, and with everything else I understand exactly what you mean. I haven't really started Legend yet and I'm not fussed to be honest. I didn't have very high hopes for it in the first place. It may not be another AOD but it's not far off.

8 levels? That's ridiculous. No wonder everyone has finished it. 8 levels is what an expansion to the real game should be.

04-05-06, 08:58
more puzzles, please. older games were more like the england level. plenty of exploring and puzzles with some fighting.

i didn't like the bike that much. if i wanted to play road rash, i'd put in road rash.

fewer FMVs, too.

They should do more logic-based puzzles. Not sprint, roll under closing door, 1 second late and you have to do it again.

I don't play those games, so I can't comment. Who wants to race a car/bike/whatever for hours on end? It's basically just doing the same thing in an endless loop. The only time I enjoy vehicles is in Tomb Raider. Especially the jumps and Zip's comments.

We shouldn't repeat TRVI's mistake. It really just had one FMV with bits edited out (or in) that you saw. Also, that was the annoying thing about TRIII. Because you could choose where to go, they didn't do intro and outro movies for the different locations. I would have made a different movie for each possible option. The way I played it would have resulted in these movies:

Jungle to London.
London to South Pacific.
South Pacific to Nevada.
Nevada to Antarctica.

An addendum to my list:

9. Savegames (for PC).
Sometimes (in the previous Tomb Raiders), I got to points where I really want to save so I can play that section over and over again without having to replay the whole level. In Tomb Raider II (for example), sometimes I just wanted to fight Dragon Bartoli. In this game, if you don't save at a checkpoint (I didn't), the whole level or part of it has to be replayed to get you to fight that enemy again.

Also, I used the savegame feature to my advantage when battling certain bosses. To use the sea serpent as an example, I would have saved after hitting it with each individual cage. That way, If I failed to defeat it, I could just go back to the last savegame where I managed to hit it. In TRVII, I didn't have that luxury.

A positive note: I've long wanted a targeting indicator. I got so sick of those situations where Lara fires into a battle with both allies and enemies and hits an ally because you can't tell who she's aiming at. And why wasn't there one of those situations in TRVII? When I played the Russia level, I thought the grenade guy was a Russian soldier (because he wasn't dressed like the mercenaries) and rushed to his defense. Oops.

Tomb of Legends
04-05-06, 10:56
Um, just a thought. If you want CD to read this put it in Legend forums XD They dont read Genral Chat for TR do they?

05-05-06, 09:47
Actually, I was thinking of sending it to them. I have no idea how yet.

This topic is just for bouncing ideas off each other. Saying what we like, what we hate, areas that need improvement, etc.