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03-05-06, 18:50
In case you guys are unaware, i have a 15 year old daughter(called Lynsay)

The thing is though, that because i have not been in a relationship with her mother since i was very young, i havent been there enough for her, which means that now she doesnt tend to share her problems with her dopey old dad!. I am lucky though that we are still very close and have a cracking Father - Daughter relationship, only as i'm not planning on having any more children, i was wondering if in fact i would have been any good at giving out advice?:confused:

So come on boys and girls, men and women, lets see just how good a "proper" dad i would have made?.:D

Be careful with what you ask, remember the word here is DAD not SEX THERAPIST or any other PIST for that matter!!!.:ton:

05-05-06, 18:07
from what iv'e read so far of your posts, i reckon you would of made a brilliant father, and still are on to her now! :):hug:

05-05-06, 18:25
Awww! That's really sweet, Gaz. :hug:

I could lend a hand too, if you like (me being a secondry school teacher and all...). I can help with study woes :)

05-05-06, 18:39
From what posts of yours I have read you seem to have a great sense of humour; which IMO is probably one of the most important things to have in ANY relationship - father/daughter, husband/wife....any of them :).

If you and your daughter can share a luagh, you can probably talk and get on well too :wve: :)

Maureen Errant
06-05-06, 06:15
You're superb Gaz:hug:

My girl is 14 and my boy is 16........................now, do you really want to talk about angst..................:jmp:

Every day has another major crises. And they expect me to help solve it.............God, I've only lived once (that I remember), and I've never had to deal with teenage woes before.
I was hatched........fully developed, and ready to use.:ton: