View Full Version : New Comics?

03-05-06, 21:36

I donīt know if this was asked or answered before, but I think i read somewhere that Top Cow will release new Tomb Raider Comics after the release of the game. is that right?? Anyone knows something??
I love the TR Comics and I would appreciate it to get some new ones :D :D with the new Lara.

04-05-06, 00:06
I never read the first series but I'd take a look at a new series if one is released.

04-05-06, 01:20
i loved their long graphic novels, sadly they only had 2 from what i saw. Great little comics so any new ones i would love to get but i dont know anything about em.

04-05-06, 04:48
like waylander, ive never read them but i'd like to start sometime :p

04-05-06, 07:27
I miss the comics it was the highlight of my month when i could read a new Lara Croft Comic