View Full Version : Installing games on PC?

04-05-06, 03:30
why do you have to install games on the pc. especially if you have to put in the cd to play everytime

04-05-06, 04:55
I'm a noob with these kind of technical stuff, but I think that I can kinda make sense with turning your question upside down: why don't we have to install them on consoles? Because consoles' purpose is to play games and doesn't vary in composition, they're alike inside, my X-Box is the same as yours. So, when one pops a cd into a console, the console goes play it, but, with a PC, which is a machine majorly built for a ton of other stuff, it takes more than just the cd to play the game, one needs to "teach" the PC how to play it. A PC can have a ton of variations of composition and they need to all work together and the game needs to addapt to them. A console is something more linear. I think this makes sense, but given I don't know nothing about tech stuff, don't take my word for it.