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04-05-06, 12:44
An interesting read from BBC Magazine:

"We asked you to vote on whether it would be right to take one life to save five, and other dilemmas. Here's what you decided... and what it means."


04-05-06, 13:29
1.I was kidnapped and need to stay 9 months? For what?
If they want something from me ask me.But he'll die if I leave.Guess I'll stay.

2.No. Maybe it's because I don't want my own action of flipping the switch is the cause of death of that one person:(

3.No way I'm gonna kill the fatman.

4.I'll stuck the dynamite into his ass and blast the tourist to smitherines.Damn, that's too harsh..(Have you watched "Saw", the girl with that lock thing in her mouth.The situation is the same.Your life depends on it:( )

These answers may change if I confront it in real life.Gosh making ethical decisions are hard.:mad:

Capt. Murphy
04-05-06, 14:53
1. I guess I could stay. They better pay me for the trouble. If not... It's back to the hospital for the Maestro. Those 9 months can allow me to get to know about the mans' family and closest friends, even where he lives.... If you get my drift. :pi:

2. ...maybe this world is getting over-populated anyway.

3. Can I wait till the 5 people die - then push the fat guy?

4. What? Just 1 stick of dynamite? :( That's no fun.

Jacob x5
04-05-06, 17:00
Those results are very interesting. I think there is the difference between the results for questions 3 and 4 because in question 4 your life is at risk.

Capt. Murphy
04-05-06, 17:13
No. I think it's saying that since the 5 people will die anyway if you give up your own life (and so -killing yourself would be pointless) would you push the fat guy off or not...? Meaning: Would you let the 5 people die (and save the fat guy), or kill the fat guy saving the 5 people?

I think that's what it meant. :confused:

Or is the fat guy so fat that the amount of space he takes up is equal to that of 5 people? So either way it's like 5 people are being taken out. :o

Just kidding. ;)

Jacob x5
04-05-06, 17:39
Yes, but in question four it is exactly the same, although you are saving 5 people plus yourself, which is why people chose to 'blast him out'.

That's what I think, anyway. ;)

Capt. Murphy
04-05-06, 17:55
oops. :o Yeah.:rolleyes:

That's what I get for posting while under the influence. The influence of drowsiness that is. :D

I've thougth of this before. What if the five people you had to save from the trolley were ugly and stupid and the one person was a really smart, good looking girl (or) guy? Would more people be likely to save the smart/beautiful person or the dumb/ugly people? :confused:

or Regardless of looks: If the one person was someone you loved?

I'm not sure about the dumb/ugly group vs the looker with brains. But the loved one - I'd have to save them. I guess it's instictual.

05-05-06, 11:10
Change my mind. Let's push the fat guy!!:cln: