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04-05-06, 20:53
Just had about two hours of thunder and lightning. Longest storm we've had here before lasted about fifteen minutes. It's still going, though calming down and moving away southeastwards I think. I think most of us predicted we'd get one from all the hot fuggy weather we've had today.

Anyone else get any fireworks? Whereabouts are you? :wve:

04-05-06, 20:55
I'm just outside Nottingham (slap bang in the middle of England) and so far no action :(. I love storms - IMO the static tingle/buildup is probably the best euphoric avaliable without medical supervision! :jmp: :jmp:

04-05-06, 20:57
I live in Illinois and we get TONS of thunderstorms with magnificent light shows (mainly in the spring and summer). We also get hail and tornadoes, which I hate, but the actual thunder and lightning I find so awesome.

04-05-06, 21:00
I havnt had any yet, im down in Cornwall, we dont usually get long thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms though, i usually sit at my window watching :D

04-05-06, 21:03
I heard this as well Gecko! There was an absolutely huge one which made the car alarms go off - and I even felt it rumbling from the second floor! O_O

Tomb Raider Master
04-05-06, 21:04
It was raining here at around 7 PM. But the not-well-looking clouds are still here.

04-05-06, 21:07
Can't hear any more rumbling or see any more flashes (oops, there's one) any more but the rain keeps coming on heavily and off a few seconds later. One of my friends who was watching from up a small range of hills (the "Braes") saw what one of the bolts actually hit - sparks flew off the house.

Brr, I love storms. :jmp:

Dingaling - you in/around Glasgow?

04-05-06, 21:09
Irvine :wve:

Real Life Lara
04-05-06, 21:16
Meh not fair! The weather reports showed we were gonna get quite a lot over Inverness, but Ive heard/seen nothing so far... but then again, the lights keep flickering so I guess *something's* going on... I love storms =D :p

04-05-06, 21:16
in the saotheast its usually the odd summers evening- whihc is nice to sit outside and listen- or watch from my bedroom window with a cool drink. i hope theres one tonight- theres kinda grey/brown clouds and its been really warm for this area today

04-05-06, 21:22
Edinburgh here. No storms :(

I like thunder and lightning :)

04-05-06, 21:37
There have been thunder storms in Belfast, too.

04-05-06, 21:45
I love thunderstorms :) But we don't get that many here where I live.

04-05-06, 22:00
Make that three hours. :eek:

Huge lightning flash nearby just there and my music (internet radio) cut out.