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04-05-06, 21:04
This morning, while I was at school, I heard something about a summer Foreign Exchange student program that my school's offering. There was this meeting during the lunch periods, so my friend and I went to go check it out. They gave us some informational packets, requirements and other things, including a list of countries you could visit.

They asked you to choose your top 7 choices of countries you would want to go visit (you would spend an entire year with a family in that country and go to school there). I found three I really wanted to visit that were on that list. New Zealand, Thailand and South Africa. It would be so different than what I'm used to, living in the US, and I really want to do this.

I won't be able to do it until next summer, but I was wondering if anyone here has done any Foreign Exchange trips? :wve:

04-05-06, 21:15
A few years ago, one of my cousins won the chance to go on exchange to Japan for a year. He says it was the best experience of his life - he came back fluent in Japanese and with a Japanese girlfriend, amongst other things - and now he's away staying with a woman and her daughter in Russia for a while because his first exchange sparked his interest in experiencing foreign cultures.

I think that if you're really serious about the exchange and you're planning to go, make sure you don't leave yourself without an escape route in the event that you really really hate it once you're there. But if you're genuinely interested, go for it, because you'll probably never get such an opportunity again. :wve:

04-05-06, 21:18
my mum says there are brilliant way to meet completly different people and learn a language real fast. germans are very sociable and make you feel at homeaswell, and there excellent at cooking. failing that either Sydney or somewhere in Asia. preferable with a family that travels so i can go with them :p

04-05-06, 21:21
Thanks for the replies. That's exactly why I want to go - to meet completely different people, to kind of escape the familiar surroundings and every day life that I live now. It is an experience of a lifetime, but the real challenge will be convincing my parents to let me go.

04-05-06, 21:24
just say that it will aid you in later life. i wish i could go on an exchage trip but the schools around here dont organise one and if they did it will be to ewither france or america. no offence but i want to explore the world, not a place 60km away or a massive country similar to my own.
is there a list of all the places??

04-05-06, 21:26
Ha. Convincing parents is the hardest. But try it, it's worth trying.

04-05-06, 21:29
I just heard your mom is letting you go! Awesome Alyssa; it seems very cool! :D

04-05-06, 21:36
Well, she said she thinks it would be a great experience and that she'll check the information when she gets home from work.

About the list of countries, I just emailed the staff of the program asking for the list. If anyone would like to visit their website, I'll post it below. :)


04-05-06, 22:02
thanks Alyssa

04-05-06, 22:28
a friend of mine is in America right now, she went there for a year.. i'm waiting till she gets home to hear everything about America, she did mail that it's very different there

i think it's cool you want to do this, i would like to do it aswell, i just think i would like to be in someone else's house for a year, i never feel comfortable, but maybe you'll get used to it, who knows..

05-05-06, 00:47
I did it for half a year in London, England and it was awesome. One of the best experiances of my life. I was only 16 at the time and had so much freedom and having never been overseas, it was great! The subway system was a bit overwhelming and I was used to Boston's maze of a system and I got screamed at for being a stupid American on more than one occasion but most everyone was accepting and nice overall is something you never forget.

The host I had was a Shakespearean actress and knew Orlando Bloom! I remember I told her she looked like Lara Croft and she thought it was only because of her accent but she had quite a resemblance.

Just beware of the exchange rate! I went like hundreds of dollars over my limit because I kept exchanging wrong.

05-05-06, 01:50
That sounds awesome, but I don’t know if I could leave my brothers for that long! It would be cool to get a first hand experience of other cultures, but just to be gone for a whole year seems like such a long time.

You should go, if you really want too! :)

05-05-06, 02:03
It sounds like fun! I would do it if the choice came upon me.

Jacob x5
05-05-06, 06:43
I personally couldn't do it.