View Full Version : Interesting walk.

04-05-06, 21:53
I just been for an interesting walk, and met a bunch of mentally disturbed goths at the cemtery, I had a nice talk with them, they told me legend about the place, one of the goths was a girl in my class, she is is quiet and normal in calss but she was wild ouside, and she slashes her wrists for fun. Anaywas, they showed me how they could get ontop of the church! They climb the mousoleums and all sorts. And if you run around this mouseleum of these kids that dies in a fire 5 times, then run around the church 5 times, the lights inside come on and you are supposed to hear the kids screaming, its suppose3d to have worked before. It was quite good, I might start walking more often, I see different cultures, plus one of the was a bi-sexual, its nice to see how those guys are doing:D

04-05-06, 21:55

Those little 'do this and that and you'll see something scary' games are amusing. :vlol:

04-05-06, 21:55
well i love stories like that but there probaly fake or just an old man playing a really long joke. and why woiuld people slash their wrists for fun. if they want pain i'll shout in her ear

04-05-06, 21:59
if u really did meet some goths tell them that on a forum u met this other goth (me) and tell them i said hi:D for real and also ask if they lik my chemical romance if u really did meet them