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05-05-06, 00:04
Anyone looking forward to it?

New logo in the new heat magazine!

It's very cool looking!

Don't have a scanner to show it unfortunately :(!


tlr online
05-05-06, 00:07
Oh yus. I may even bite the bullet and install Real **** Player (http://www.real.com) to watch the 24 hour live stream :D

05-05-06, 00:08
I knew you would be looking forward to it Justin LOL!

Was looking on the Channel 4 BB forums there now and:

BBLB has been ditched from Channel 4 to E4 for this summer's series, it has been confirmed.

The show - first aired on E4 for BB2 before switching to C4 for BB4 - was ousted from its traditional teatime slot on C4 earlier this year following the success of Deal Or No Deal and The Paul O'Grady Show.

Instead it was moved to a breakfast slot, where it drew around 200,000 viewers - a far cry from the 1.8 million it had averaged in its previous home.

Now the show will air weekdays on E4, live at 7.30pm, although the Sunday lunchtime outing on C4 will remain.

Meanwhile, the long-standing psychology aspect of BB has been consigned to its own show. The new spinoff, called Big Brother’s Big Brain, will air live on Channel 4 on Monday nights. Dermot has been confirmed as host of the series, which will feature discussions and pre-recorded footage taken from the previous week’s happenings, backed by psyche evaluations.

"Channel 4 viewers have always loved the insight that a psychological perspective gives," said Angela Jain, C4's commissioning editor for factual entertainment. "It's fantastic to be able to give Dermot O'Leary the opportunity to get stuck into the minutiae of the housemates' behaviour in a live, dynamic and discursive way."

As previously reported, Big Brother's Big Mouth will retain its daily live slot on E4 immediately following the C4 show. Diary Room Uncut is also returning for the summer.

Credit: Digital Spy!


Pity really!


05-05-06, 00:09
i love this show! cant wait!

05-05-06, 00:10
Where u from?

The US?

I am talking about the UK one!


05-05-06, 00:17
*cough* This announcement is fantastic. Big Brother is a great show and I am happy to see its return. I greatly anticipate the seventh season of Big Brother.

05-05-06, 00:18
TM - whats that about?


05-05-06, 00:26
It's just that I've never told a larger lie in my life, and I lied so heavily that it killed me.

05-05-06, 00:46

You are kinda crazy!


Night Crawler
05-05-06, 01:22
Oh yus. I may even bite the bullet and install Real **** Player (http://www.real.com) to watch the 24 hour live stream :DI wouldn't. Why not try real alternative instead? :)


05-05-06, 01:28
Can't wait! I love Big Brother :jmp:

Jacob x5
05-05-06, 04:58

05-05-06, 07:17
I'd rather watch paint dry.....literally!.

05-05-06, 07:28
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh not again,how much BB can you take

05-05-06, 09:23
i cant wait!!!

05-05-06, 10:31
Anyone looking forward to it?

New logo in the new heat magazine!

It's very cool looking!

Don't have a scanner to show it unfortunately :(!


I can't wait, even though I forgot it was back this month.

05-05-06, 10:33
WOO! Im excited :D 2 days before my birthday it starts :D

05-05-06, 18:25
Can't wait!

2 weeks and counting!!


07-05-06, 01:13
Peeps and Justin!

Just seen the logo on Channel 4 tonight!!


Really can't wait till thursday 2 weeks!!


07-05-06, 11:48
I cant wat till BB :D

07-05-06, 11:59
oh GOD... not another BB.

We cll the lastest one BB06 in australia. We dont have bb1 and bb2 or anything like that.

07-05-06, 14:12
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh not again,how much BB can you take

Its contracted for 10 series i think.

Big Brother is awesome :jmp: if you dont like it why are you in this thread? :p

07-05-06, 14:13
Wasn't Big Brother first broadcast in the UK, then the USA did theirs and now everyone has it.

07-05-06, 14:15
I think it originated from Holland.

07-05-06, 14:50
CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love BB !!!!!

07-05-06, 15:07
I followed Big Brother rigourously during the first series in 2000, but then lost interest after that because it became so boring and uneventful.

I only tuned in again last summer for Big Brother 6 because they suddenly produced a bunch of housemates who were at each other's throats from the first whistle. And it was fun to watch.

That's the key ; arguments. Big Brother is pointless without conflict and bickering. I don't want to watch blossoming romance and young blondes talking themselves up for a potential pop career, as is what only seemed to happen in the show from 2001-2005.

I'll tune in for Big Brother 7 when it starts, but only for as long as it's interesting. It will be competing with the world cup and the new series of Lost for my attentions.