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05-05-06, 20:58
I can not figure out how to use the tomb ripper can someone make a guide that actually is understandable.

05-05-06, 21:06
read the first page on the Tomb raider legend modding thread

05-05-06, 21:08
I have several times I see DDS files And most of mine are raw files wa sI supposed to convert them Why keep it a secret

05-05-06, 21:17
Please read this thread which is a sticky: Tomb Raider Legend Modding, Costumes & Texturing (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=58943)

05-05-06, 21:34
Welcome to the forum, infamouskiller :wve:

The first pages of the sticky thread gives the following link:


This pages explains what you need. It also includes a tutorial, which describes how to use Tomb Ripper. Where exactly do you see the RAW files?

05-05-06, 21:50
I read these severel times In the tomb Ripper I extrected all the DDS files and got a dds thunbnail viewer and even looking thru these i see missing files the numbers you describe are no where to be found

05-05-06, 21:56
Look, you need to be detailed. What do you mean "I see missing files" and what numbers we describe you can't find?

You don't have to extract all DDS files. Only these you need to edit. If you have downloaded and installed the Photoshop Plug-In, you can open the file from Photoshop (forget about the thumbnail viewer for now).

Why don't you write step by step the procedure you follow? Maybe you are doing something wrong. That way, we can spot it quicker.

05-05-06, 22:07

05-05-06, 22:08
>> Click here to see the skins << (http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a9/infamouskiller/help.jpg)


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05-05-06, 22:13
the Files go on for hundreds of Raw's

the DDS files i do have do not look like anything shown

05-05-06, 22:32
Where did you download the Tomb Ripper? Maybe itīs the old 1.1 version. If you downloaded it here http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr7/modding/index.html you have the actual 1.1 version but maybe itīs a bug.

Write down your step by step procedure how you use the Ripper and which folder and what files you open.

06-05-06, 01:07
OK I have deleted big file cache And I am starting over again.
I open up tomb raider point to my install directory.

And a window pops up about modding I say yes.

Takes 5 mins to load 1st time.

I get all RAW files Like 20 DDR if im lucky

06-05-06, 01:15
I have the european Version of TRL does this make a difference?
Even when I extract it saves it as a DDR Can i turn a DDS into a RAW?

06-05-06, 10:54
I also have the European version of TRL (but not the patch) and everything is ok. Personally, I don't know why you get the RAW files. If you select a RAW file (a number that corresponds to an outfit, like 3657, which is the black dress - you may have to search a couple of numbers up or down) do you get a preview in the window of Tomb Ripper? If you extract the RAW file (the dress) can you edit it in Photoshop?

06-05-06, 17:19
I have the same problem as infamouskiller's.
So disappointed.:(

06-05-06, 19:21
can u put all of the suits into the tomb raider game?