View Full Version : Easy Rider: A Review (SPOILERS)

06-05-06, 11:16
The late 60's was the birth of truly important cinema. Films were pushing the limits, with more violent and sexual content than ever before. Films were becoming much more influential and different genres were being noticed more. Even the actors and directors of these films were beginning to change.

Easy Rider is the birth of a new type of film. Full of immense power formed by a gritty, 'documentary-type' feel, Easy Rider is clearly one of the most important films in history, much imitated, but never bettered.

The tagline gets across the theme of the film. 'A man went looking for America and couldn't find it anywhere' reads the poster. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper (who also directed the film) star as two hippies who ride across America on motorcycles, searching for freedom. Encountering prostitutes, violence, and the discovery of drugs along the way, they finally realize that there's no such thing as freedom.

The photography of the film is beautiful. The viewer will be shown sights of never-ending highways and background fields as our two characters travel on their journey. The photography is fairly simple, but very, very effective. The editing is equally powerful. Surreal cross-cutting and flashing images will surely entertain the audience.

As mentioned above, Easy Rider has an interesting 'home movie' feel to it. The film was shot on a very low-budget and the actors were not only on drugs in the film! Therefore, the movie is truthful and brilliantly captures society as it was that time.

Fonda, Hopper, and especially Nicholson are excellent in the roles. Fonda and Hopper look like real outcasts, and Nicholson is portrayed as a funny, rather geeky lawyer. This makes it depressing when all three characters are killed off (Fonda and Hopper in the famous ending.)

Easy Rider is a raw and memorable experience that will stick in your mind for a very long time. It marked a new era of film-making and on its own is an excellent film, one that nearly everyone should enjoy!