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06-05-06, 12:32
What you think about it?

I don´t have many experience in this, because i´m only 16, and I´m virgin.

I have read some books about tantric Sex, and I found it very interesting!!

All the preleminars, the act of make sex, the massage, the meditacion, the rituals...

What do you think about Tantric Sex?

06-05-06, 12:33
Isn't this a little inappropriate for an all-age forum? :rolleyes:

06-05-06, 12:34
was is das? what's that? Vad? Mikä? nevö herd.. and I'm also a virgin though I'm 18... :o

06-05-06, 12:34
Hmmmm must wikipedia tantric sex. thought i heard of it before but it is an all age forum so

06-05-06, 12:35
Can a mod please close this, this is totally inappropriate to an ALL AGE forum!

06-05-06, 12:44
Sexually oriented material is against the ToS. Thread closed. This is an all-age forum; this kind of content isn't appreciated here.