View Full Version : I have lice!

07-05-06, 11:43
I kid, I kid :pi: Although they are everywhere at my schol what do you guys think - ever got 'em?

EDIT: Just been going through my old threads, and seriously. WTF?

07-05-06, 11:47
Well thanks for sharing that :D

07-05-06, 11:54
your welcome. Ive got nothing to hide on this forum :)

07-05-06, 13:12
Now that's put me off my seseme prawn toast :p There are lots of medicated shampoos around that work well. That should clear out the lice :wve:

Failing that, try napalm :pi:

07-05-06, 13:13
Lol, Don't worry, they are easy to get rid of :D.

But there very anoying!

07-05-06, 13:21
Failing that, try napalm :pi:

a deodrant can and a lighter does wonders.

but with all the stuff round these days your are spoilt for choice.

07-05-06, 13:24
Omg jarhead the stuff I had to use was like that! :vlol: I had head lice when I was still in primary school, and the 'shampoo' turned out to be more like meths! I had to cover my face with a towel just so I could breath; horrible, horrible stuff :mad:

07-05-06, 13:26
I once had it when I was little... and head lice with curly hair, not a good combination, I hated because I had to be combed with a really thin comb and it would hurt like hell. But I kept picking my own head and eventually (don't ask me how) I caught them all XD maybe they were tired of my fingers and ran away before my mom found out :p

07-05-06, 13:26
i think they still do it. be carefull as some of the producst can seriously hurt. my mum brought one and spilt a bit on the shelve in the bathroom and it foamed up and took the top layer off. :yik:

stuck to teatree shampoo after that

07-05-06, 13:39
Not my favourite creatures, I have to say. But these days there are some good products around to get rid of them.
I work with children and even though head lice are a frequent occurrence, I have been spared so far.


07-05-06, 13:41
OMG @ that picture! ^ :yik:

I've never had them, so I don't know how to get rid of them... But hopefully you do, and I hope you're okay! :hug:

07-05-06, 13:41
Why did you have to post that picture! Lol

07-05-06, 13:54
The picture reminds me my Biology teacher :pi:

07-05-06, 14:05
thank god I've never had those :yik: *faints*

Lara Croft!
07-05-06, 14:28
Failing that, try napalm :pi:

It's a good chance to start dying your hair.Hair-coloured hair can't have lice!

07-05-06, 14:29
thank god I've never had those :yik: *faints*

Dont worry, they are very tiny! That's is them under a MicroScope!

07-05-06, 14:34
Oh man I had them last year!! My idiotic boyfriend got them while babysitting, he didn't tell me, and voila I got them too.
Still hate him for that!! I can feel it itching when thinking about it gaaahh!!:hea:
I hope you get rid of them soon!!!

07-05-06, 14:38

07-05-06, 14:54
Yucky! :yik: I have never had lice either. There was a lice outbreak in like second grade. But, luckily I never got it. Are you okay? I hope everything turns out okay. :hug:

07-05-06, 15:02
your welcome. Ive got nothing to hide on this forum :)

Nothing to hide does NOT = everything must be told/shown!!! :p

(ps I was going to post an image of a lice here, but I saw them on google images and thought otherwise *shiver* eughhh)

Lara Lover
07-05-06, 15:03
Ewww, I've never had it. And, I wish I never saw that picture! :(