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tlr online
07-05-06, 14:02
Greetings folks.

It has come to our attention that a few of our ex-members are continuing their vindictive and deceitful tirade by suggesting that your Private Messages are not private at all, and that we – as administrators – have access to your mailbox.

We are not able to log in and read your Private Messages. If a complaint is made to us, we can investigate, but we do not have access to read your passwords.

Please don’t take our word for it. Head on over to www.vbulletin.com (the makers of our software) and confirm my words with them.

I hope that puts an end to the issue.

07-05-06, 14:03
Hm I've always wondered this, thanks :tmb:

07-05-06, 14:03
Really? I always belived that the admins could read PMs, my bad :o Thanks for ther info, I feel much better now :)

Lara Lover
07-05-06, 14:04
Really? Oh, Cool. I though you or Elen read our PM's! Nevermind ;)

07-05-06, 14:09
Jesus! LOL! You definitely have to contact vBulletin. This software is more than secure.

07-05-06, 14:10
Thanks for clearing things up :wve:

07-05-06, 14:13
That should shut them :rolleyes:

07-05-06, 14:14
Oh goodie, so like if we saying bad about you behind your backs you can't see :D Just kidding, well it makes me feel a lot safer when discussing private matters via PM :p Thanks tlr :tmb:

07-05-06, 14:15
Do mods, have a private thread/forum for talking?

07-05-06, 14:16
phew... I was paranoid... :whi: Thanks, for this... :)

tlr online
07-05-06, 14:19
A final word of advice. Take it or leave it.

Please don't base your opinions solely on the twittering of bitter folk. If you are unsure about something, drop us a PM and air your woes. We're here for one reason, and that's you folk.

If some thing's on your mind, talk to us (or each other) about it. But please take the time to listen to all parties before jumping to the wrong conclusion, more often than not based on misinformation.


Lara Croft!
07-05-06, 14:23
Oh goodie, so like if we saying bad about you behind your backs you can't see :D Just kidding,
HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!Good one!!!!!!:D :D :D

07-05-06, 14:37
I'll take your word for it. Thanks for letting us know! :)

07-05-06, 15:08
I wish you could read my PMs, they are witty, life affirming - a tour de force!

...well not really, its just me asking people about their avatars! And people asking me about screenshots :D And there is nothing life affirming about it! In fact I feel very depressed after glancing at them... falls out window x.o

07-05-06, 15:09
I don't really use PM, unless I want an avatar resized, or something similar to that. :p

only Croft
07-05-06, 15:10
It's good to now that where safe :D , anyway I wood trust the Mod and Admin Team no metter what because the provide us these great forums. Thanks :hug:

Jacob x5
07-05-06, 16:39
Do mods, have a private thread/forum for talking?

I would imagine it's not really just for 'talking'. The General Chat thread is for that.

Thanks for the info, tlr. :wve:

07-05-06, 16:41
What if they want some privacy?

07-05-06, 16:47
It's a shame that things have gotten to this (in concerns to rumours), anyway, thanks for reassuring everyone tlr, you're only doing your job here after all :)

07-05-06, 17:45
I seem to remember someone from another TR site ( you know who i mean ) telling me that you guys read our PMs. Wasnt sure if it was true. Thanks for confirming it isnt true Tlr

07-05-06, 17:49
well, if i had any PM's to read, i would feel much better. :)

07-05-06, 17:51
I never though that that even adminds, mods couldn't read my pm's.. I feel better now.. phew...

07-05-06, 17:52
hmmm i never thought for a second that they could read them, if they did, and the saw all the horrible things i've said about the colour purple... well i would have been banned for years.

07-05-06, 18:02
*Sighs in relief* :yah: :p

07-05-06, 18:10
My god ...some people :rolleyes:

07-05-06, 18:21
I always thought you could because of all the warnings of not even trying to send illegal stuff in PM's either, glad that this has been confirmed :)

Some of the things I sent to my friend is rather embarrassing and would not want prying eyes looking at them :p

07-05-06, 18:28
So you have no idea my password really is larareallysucks ?

07-05-06, 18:32
Lol,I remember I had this same doubt some months ago( I even post a thread about it :D),but then things got cleared up,and,as far it concerns me, all my doubts were answered back then .

But paranoia is always a beautiful way of causing chaos...not that creative,though.