View Full Version : Guild Wars Anyone Play

07-05-06, 16:10
So i was looking around my draws when i found my Guild Wars special edition box set i decided to play and well thats all i have done all weekend,anyone else here play ????

Post a pic of your char if u can

Man i love Guild Wars

07-05-06, 16:20
Yep, I played. A few months ago I did anyway. After a month I got totally bored with it. All it was was running from one place to another. I just found it monotonous after a while and stopped playing!


That pic is me and my mate: I had the guy on the right .

07-05-06, 18:22
I played that for some months. Once I completed the story (not including the defend droknar mission etc) I got bored.

I wont buy the expansion - pvp is no fun for me.

07-05-06, 18:37
I'm tempted to buy...but I'm afraid of getting addicted,lol!

07-05-06, 18:39
I was going to buy it, but i realised i would not have the tiem to play as i am addicted to WoW already. I plan on buying it in the future.

07-05-06, 20:33
i just don't wanna pay for WoW as 8 amonth i wouldn't use it alot if it was 20 a year id get it

07-05-06, 20:36
Its all about your opinion. I think its worth the 8.00 a month. Other people dont.