View Full Version : In which way is it easier to fall asleep???

07-05-06, 19:27
Which of the three ways below do you think of the easiest way to fall asleep?

*playing a game
*watching a film
*reading a book

These are my opinions:

1. A film is the easiest way. All you do is stare at a screen, and it could be a boring film.

2. Reading a book. You're reading, so your brain is active. But some of the words could be confusing and it could be a boring book.

3. Playing a computer game is the hardest way. Your brain is active because you're thinking of where to go and what to do.

07-05-06, 19:29
Definitly reading book, I say, if you enjoy reading the book you'll be exhausted and just fall asleep easy.... zzzzzz :D (happened to me many many times)

07-05-06, 19:31
Watching Film

07-05-06, 19:33
Reading a book. Because it gets really tiring after a while.

A film might work, but definately not a game! Especially a video game, they keep your brain active :p

07-05-06, 19:35
Watching a movie, usually because I'm always either on my bed on the couch.

07-05-06, 19:36
Reading a book. Because it gets really tiring after a while.

Depends on the book. And the person :D

07-05-06, 19:38
Watching a boring film.

07-05-06, 19:46

Like someone said above, even if it's interesting, it's still exhausting.

07-05-06, 19:49
Depends on the book. And the person

I quite agree, Kam :tmb: It is most frustrating to be totally exhausted, knowing you have to get up early the next day, and reading a book in bed that just refuses to let you go :eek:

07-05-06, 19:59
It's easiest to fall asleep when you're tired. ;)

Jacob x5
07-05-06, 20:03
Reading a book. Unfortunately the pages get creased and, if it's a paperback, so does the cover.

Camera Obscura
07-05-06, 20:08
A movie brings me to sleep. Ever heard of the word DOCUMENTARY. :hea:

07-05-06, 20:09
I had no problem going to sleep. Just give me a pillow and I'm all set. My roomate does, he lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling for many hours:eek:

I must say reading a book. Better still, let's read the economic section of a newspaper. "zzzZZzzzZZ"

07-05-06, 20:22
Reading a Book :D Always knocks me out :p

Lara Lover
07-05-06, 20:29
I think it's watching a movie or just staring at a blank TV screen will make your eyes become even more sleepy. So, Then, you can just switch off and sleep.


only Croft
07-05-06, 20:34
Defenetly playng a game, a PC game in preference because I put all my energies in the game I am playng. One day I fell asleep all over my key board and when I wok up I acedently killed Lara lol :ton: :vlol: :D :tea:

07-05-06, 20:38
Closing thine eyes.

07-05-06, 20:50
A book, but sometimes i watch dvds when i cant sleep and i eventualy do fall asleep.