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08-05-06, 12:25
Do you believe in zodiac sign and horoscopes? Does the discription of your sign suit you?

ex. I 'm a virgo (31 Aug) but not half of the virgo caracteristics suit me.

08-05-06, 12:25
i'm fish :-)

08-05-06, 12:26
Im a Taurus, and i was born in the Year of the Dragon.

Im not a firm believer in horoscopes, but reading the description for Dragons, was like reading my life.

08-05-06, 12:26
Aquarius;) Did i spell it ok?

08-05-06, 12:28
Don't believe in horoscopes - a load of conveniently generic twaddle IMHO. :D But I'm a Taurus, and a Horse in the Chinese zodiac. :p

08-05-06, 12:29
I don't really believe in horoscopes, but I like to read them for fun :D

And I'm a Libra.

08-05-06, 12:29
I'm a Libra, born three days earlier and I'd be a Virgo... I think :p

It's funny how when you read your horoscope, it usually says nice things , if my life was like that, I'd be meeting a new guy every week XD

08-05-06, 12:50
Typical Aquarian here....:D

08-05-06, 13:06
I'm a scratchyhairyarse!!!.

Tomb Raider Master
08-05-06, 13:06
Aquarius :wve:

08-05-06, 13:16

08-05-06, 13:17
Gemini... :mis:

08-05-06, 13:18
Leo :D

08-05-06, 13:54
I'm between two i'm a taurus/gemini but i usually say gemini cause i have most the qualities of one and i was born in the year of the pig, pretty much sums me up. :vlol:

08-05-06, 14:20
dunno what it's in english.. bron 1.1 and every one says that im a typical :confused: one...

08-05-06, 14:28
i'm a capricorn (22 december), and a bunny in the Chinese thing :p

sometimes i'm a capricorn and sometimes i'm a saggitarius, very wierd

08-05-06, 14:32
Half man, half horse.... Sagittarius :)

Real Life Lara
08-05-06, 14:57
Taurus the Bull :D :wve:

Agnese Croft
08-05-06, 16:26
Libra, and actualie i believe in horoscopes :D (21st October)!!!

P.S. Sorry for my bad at English:yik:

08-05-06, 16:28
I'm Taurus, the bull :D

22nd April here

08-05-06, 16:29
Im a GEMINI - when is your birthday deepbluesea, as i read that my star signs overlap aswel

08-05-06, 16:50
I'm between two i'm a taurus/gemini but i usually say gemini cause i have most the qualities of one and i was born in the year of the pig, pretty much sums me up. :vlol:

http://www.websmileys.com/sm/mad/011.gif It does not! :hug:

I'm a capricorn http://www.websmileys.com/sm/horoscope/stern01.gif and an Ox in the Chinese calendar.

08-05-06, 16:50
Libra, eh I can bet that no-one really believes in horoscopes, even if mostly they are damn close to the actual events :D

08-05-06, 16:57
Libra, and im Air (I think :confused: ) But i don't believe in horoscope.

08-05-06, 16:58
I'm a Capricorn. :)

08-05-06, 17:10
I'm a scratchyhairyarse!!!.

:vlol: i'm a taurus, (16th may) and born in the year of the monkey :D

08-05-06, 17:29
Not much of the Virgo traits is right for me, so I don't believe in it!

08-05-06, 17:33
Im a GEMINI - when is your birthday deepbluesea, as i read that my star signs overlap aswel

21st of may

Thanks Jenni I was just saying I like food :hug:

08-05-06, 17:37
oh mines the 21st of june. gemeni ends on the 21st and cancer the day after- however in some sources it changes halfway through the day so its changable. and im a Ram/sheep

08-05-06, 17:46
The only inanimate sign of of the zodiac, the seventh sign of zodiac, equilibrium is what I like... LIBRA.

08-05-06, 17:53
Not a believer,

yet still I am what you could call-

A Typical Aries.:cool:

08-05-06, 17:54
Is it me or are most of the Mods Libra's? lol

...or maybe not...

08-05-06, 17:56
Libraa! :yah:

Agnese Croft
08-05-06, 18:48
There are so many LIBRA`S:D (in this thread)

Love Libra sign it`s my favorite sign :gki: (and ather signs too,but libra sign is my favorite)

P.S. Sorry for my bad at English :yik:

08-05-06, 18:49
Cancer :D

08-05-06, 18:54
Libra. Yep Venus watches over me Lol!

I remembermaking a thread on a book by an author named Linda Goodman. Her Book "The Sun Signs" is such a great read.

08-05-06, 18:57
I am a SaGiTtaRiUs...horoscopes are fun but they usually dont come true for me :p

08-05-06, 18:58
Cat - You're birthday is on the 23rd of Sep too? ^_^ Coolness! I read zodiac books but I havent read that one oO; I think I'll get it as soon as I get to a bookshop xD I love zodiac books

08-05-06, 19:06
It;s so oxymoron how some people want to predict the future in a light that reaches earth after several years from the source :tea:

08-05-06, 19:41
I'm Capricorn (January 15th). Yes.. i'm a rammy thing.

08-05-06, 19:44
Virgo im stuck with a stupid mermaid

ahhh stupid thing

08-05-06, 19:45
Yield, definately not a Speed Limit sign.

08-05-06, 19:50
I'm a Taurus and although I don't believe in horoscopes, I do have a lot of taurean traits. And I think I was born in the Chinese year of the Rooster, but I'm not sure :)

08-05-06, 20:03
Capricorn. All my horoscope ever does is tell me about my finances, then insult me for being boring. I DON'T CARE ABOUT MY FINANCES.

For once, I'd just like it to say "Hey, Cappy, look out for some hot, rich, semi-clad man coming your way SOON. He'll be straddling a motorbike, most probably, AND wearing a kilt. Oh, and you're moving to London, which is the best place in the world."

Instead, I get: "Capricorn, your minor gamble at the office (what office?) has paid off, and you will get a 7% rise. Then you will throw a dinner party."

Also, what kind of a name for a starsign is Capricorn? "Ca" is hardly exciting. "Pri" sounds horrible, as does "corn". Whenever I hear "corn", I think of those toe things. Yuck.

[ETA] Also, couldn't they have chosen a more inspiring animal than a mountain goat? I mean, come on - you've got your fish (I love fish), your lion, your naked woman, your scales...and your goat. Okay, so it's a flying mer-goat, but a goat nonetheless. I would rather Capricorn's animal was a swordfish.
Oh, well, it could be worse, I could be a dolphin...x.x

To cap this off, no, I don't believe in starsigns, simply because mine sucks. Anyway, I've made up my own starsign. It's called "Cockney Gangster", and you can only have it if you like The Getaway. :D

08-05-06, 20:07
Capricorrrrrrn :p

08-05-06, 20:10
Sagitarrius, load of old twaddle, i could go into a deep theory but you don't really want to hear it.

08-05-06, 20:12
Taurus... it's my birthday tomorrow! :D

Taureans are supposed to be stubborn, like food and hate change. So, I guess I'm typical... ;)

08-05-06, 20:13
happy birthday for tomorrow

08-05-06, 20:18
happy birthday for tomorrow
:) Thank you!

'Tis a national day of mourning... it marks the last year of my 20's... waaa! I'm 30 next year! *has mini breakdown*

08-05-06, 20:18
Aquarius, and I suit it too:D

Lara Croft!
08-05-06, 20:22
Don't believe in signs but I think they're fun!
I'm GEMINI and in chinese horoscope RABBIT

08-05-06, 20:30
im a libra

09-05-06, 10:14
I remembermaking a thread on a book by an author named Linda Goodman. Her Book "The Sun Signs" is such a great read.

I've had a look at a few of her books and I agree with you, they are really good reads!

09-05-06, 11:12
PISCES :jmp:

09-05-06, 12:12
I never really believed in horoscopes but I always have so much fun reading them. Especially when I'm broke and my horoscopes foretells a good economic week :jmp:
Or when I have a fight with my fiance and I 'm supposed to be in a good love day :cln: