View Full Version : Really Stupid But Funny Question!

08-05-06, 16:19
i know this is an extremly stupid and out of the blue question and it will probobly get moved to general chat but i was just wondering....when lara is in HUGE tombs what does she do when she needs the toilet???????LOL :vlol: :vlol: :vlol: :vlol: :vlol: :D

08-05-06, 16:26
lol! It is a stupid question! She is computer character not a real person (in case you haven't noticed! :p

08-05-06, 16:31
yea but if she was real

08-05-06, 16:36
yea but if she was real

If she is real, ask her. :D

08-05-06, 16:38
yea but if she was real
You'd better ask real life archeologists about what they do in such cases then :rolleyes:

Moved to General Chat.

08-05-06, 16:42
They probley do it on the floor or something!:confused:

08-05-06, 16:43
Why do you think Time Team keep digging trenches? :rolleyes:

Actually Winston brews up a special anti-laxitive for Lara to drink whenever she goes adventuring. It works a treat on stopping her going to the loo for days at a time, but the side effects are not exactly comfortable. Bear that in mind next time she's climbing a rope etc making those pained umph, argh noises :pi: