View Full Version : creepiest book ever?

08-05-06, 17:50
since there's my other thread creepiest movie ever... I might aswell include this one.. What is the creepiest book you've ever read.. a book that you didn't dare to finish or read it at night...

08-05-06, 17:52
Even though i havent exactly read it, i'd have to say the Shining

08-05-06, 17:54
Probably Hiroshima. It was scary because I knew it had all actually happened, and it was quite graphic in the descriptions - the book was survivors' accounts of the incident.

08-05-06, 18:02
Harry Potter 6. That kid gives me the heebie-jeebies. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c261/AmpersandTR/daEmotes/paranoid.gif


08-05-06, 18:04
i had lived a 1000 years- about a girl who nearly lost everythiong during the holocaust. its kinda a childrens book but its one of the first that i read