View Full Version : Dreamfall:The Longest Journey

08-05-06, 19:43
Hello! I just wanted to see how many people out there have played this game! I played the first and absolutely loved it! The second wasn't as great as the first, but I really enjoyed the main character, Zoe, moreso than I did April Ryan in the first game. So... For those of you who played it... what'd you think? Are you as confused by the ending as I am? Oh! And for those of you who haven't played it, you should! But start with the first game.... You'll be confused with the entire storyline if you haven't completed the first.

08-05-06, 19:45
the second game is not a sequel, that's what I have heard, when was the first game released?, oh and have you played Shenmue?...

08-05-06, 19:48
The first game was released 6 years ago! It's been quite a long time.... Well, I saw the 2nd as a sequel. I guess you can get through it and understand part of the storyline and be fine, but I think it'd be much more enjoyable after playing the first one. I haven't played Shenmue... What's it about? Sounds interesting. :)

08-05-06, 19:52
wow, go grab youself a dreamcast and play Shenmue, it's like the best Adventure/RPG game out there...