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09-05-06, 00:17

I know that a lot of you use You Tube, but I can't seem to be able to find any videos. :confused: I can search for them and read the comments and the stats and all of that, but I can't view the video. There aren't any links to it and I don't see anything for me to click on.
This is the screen that I've got:

It's probably something really obvious, but I'm prone to missing these things. :rolleyes:
Also, are there any movies that you guys would suggest (well, after I figure out how to view one, anyway. hehe). Any help is much appreciated. :wve:
(Btw, should this go in the technical support section? I didn't know which one to put it in. :o )

09-05-06, 00:19
hi, your computer must be going slow.or they have a problem. i would suggest closing your windows screen and try again

09-05-06, 00:25
Hmm, I tried but still nothing. I've got DSL and a pretty good PC (everything else is running well).. :confused:

Does it use java or flash? Because I can't seem to get Flash to download on my PC for some reason. I bet that's probably it. :(

Edit: Yup, that's it. I've got flash to work for the Opera web viewer thing though. :D
Hehe.. Ooh, does anyone have some videos to suggest? ^_^

09-05-06, 00:31
you can try the video voting contest section in the fan art ( does not include tomb raider in it)check out some of those

09-05-06, 02:23
I had this once yesterday, when i tried to load a video, this one video wouldnt load at all, but every other one would. Didnt understand why, i kept refreshing and stuff, but still wouldnt work.

I also have a question about Youtube, is it possible to download the videos on there?

09-05-06, 02:42
yes it is possible

09-05-06, 03:02
How do you do it?

09-05-06, 03:24

09-05-06, 03:42
Thanks alot :tmb: