View Full Version : Star Wars easter egg in windows...

09-05-06, 02:49
This is a really cool easter egg in windows that plays out Star Wars in all ascii characters.
I found it on another website and thought it was neat enough to pass it on.

To run it click on start, then run this: telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
Just like it is typed.

This is not a virus or spyware, it is someone who had WAY too much time on their hands, but very creative none the less.


09-05-06, 03:21

Edit: wait, that is not an egg within Windows...you basicly activiate telnet program within Windows and made it to hook up with www.blinkenlights.nl via internet...and accessed the Star War file from there...

09-05-06, 03:23
OH, I've heard of this before. It's freaking cool! Who knews Windows could be so cool....haha

09-05-06, 05:06
yeah you are right about the telnet...I was just copying what I read in the other forum.

Still it is pretty sweet though.

Capt. Murphy
09-05-06, 06:11
Does this actually last as long as I think it does? :confused:

09-05-06, 06:35
Wow, thats kinda sweet. That would have taken ****ing ages to make, especially if it was made in C++.

09-05-06, 08:48
This is great.

09-05-06, 18:16
Damn...it only show half of the movie...