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09-05-06, 15:02
Playstation 3 to Have Two Price Levels
Tuesday, May 9, 2006 5:47 AM EDT
The Associated Press
By MATT ****LE

CULVER CITY, Calif. (AP) Sony Corp. is dismissing concerns about the cost of the new PlayStation 3, the video game machine the company is counting on to win a new round of living room dominance.

Sony said two versions of the PS3 will launch in North America on Nov. 17 as part of a worldwide simultaneous launch a $499 version with a 20 gigabyte hard drive and another with a 60 gigabyte drive for $100 more. Availability had been pushed back from a spring release.

The $499 base price is $100 more than rival Microsoft Corp.'s current top-of-the-line Xbox 360, but that was of no concern to Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios.

"I think that price and value have always been two different things," Harrison said. "The PlayStation 3 is now set free. We've kind of released it to the world and it's now clearly defined in the minds of the consumer."

In a news conference Monday, company officials indicated they would have 4 million units ready by the end of 2006 and another 6 million by March 31, 2007.

Sony also showed off the PS3's new controller, which looks similar to the one for the older PlayStation 2 but adds motion sensors to detect six degrees of movement. In a demonstration, the controller was used to pilot a jet fighter.

The Xbox 360 got an early start on the next-generation console wars and has sold 3.2 million units worldwide since it was released in November. But until recently, Microsoft Corp. has been unable to meet demand.

The presentation was scheduled two days before the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the video game industry's largest annual conference.

Nintendo and Microsoft, with their competing Wii and Xbox 360 systems, plan similar news conferences Tuesday.

Pricing and other details remain sketchy on Nintendo's Wii (pronounced "We"), which uses a TV-style remote controller that can be waved around to manipulate action on the screen.

This year's E3 conference comes with the industry in financial turmoil as it transitions from older systems to the new consoles.

According to market research firm NPD Group, overall video game sales dropped 5 percent to $7 billion in the United States last year much of it blamed on consumers' desire to hold out for the PS3 and Wii.

09-05-06, 15:24
woah they are going to be expensive. but not as expensive as i thought. Still cant afford it though lol!

09-05-06, 15:28
Me neither, I'll upgrade my PC in time instead.

09-05-06, 15:51
They are going to get their butts handed to them next holiday season... can anyone really doubt that now? Supply and price--not to mention game selection--will make the 360 the console of choice for all those moms and dads out there, as well as a heck of a lot of older gamers looking to upgrade from PS2 and Xbox.

Lonely Istari
09-05-06, 16:14
good grief! $500!! yikes. ... I guess I'd better start saving now! I WANT MY PS3!!

09-05-06, 17:18
$500, isnt that about 275 or so?..... doesnt sound too bad, might have to upgrade the old............ credit card!....:D

09-05-06, 17:19
Just in time for Christmas :D ... but then again theres all the games to buy and theyll be like $80

09-05-06, 17:23
$500, isnt that about 275 or so?..... doesnt sound too bad, might have to upgrade the old............ credit card!....:D

$500.00 is the stripped-down model. You might want to look at the differences in the 2 packages before you decide (like people who bought the Core 360 and wish they'd gotten the premium).

09-05-06, 17:25
sounds great! i heard rumours of it being around $800 wahoooo ^^ and they redid the controller. Looks way better and slighly formiliar... hehe

09-05-06, 17:26
Yeah the over hang L2 and R2 buttons look like a good idea.

Lara Lover
09-05-06, 17:30
Wow, I gotta get saving!

Thanks for telling me :tmb:

09-05-06, 17:31
Bear in mind though even using convertors we still generally pay more, it says £330 and using that the 60GB will be about £400. I recon the 20GB will be £350 and the 60GB more like £430.


Lara Lover
09-05-06, 17:36
Yes, I'm sure. I should have kept most of my birthday money for it :(! Ah, well. I'll start saving anyways!


09-05-06, 17:46
IMO i dotn think its worth it. The core version has alot of capabiliies taken out i hear. All i want it for is FFXIII lol. I just watched the Wii press confrence i think i will settle for that looks cool.

09-05-06, 17:56
Yeah in concept its cool, to me until i see one running its a gimmick. At least with the ps2 you get next gen capabilities and the Wii (what a retarded name!) is like a ps2.5


09-05-06, 17:59
me want my playstation 3 now!! :jmp: :jmp: 599 euros aint bad for the better version! :jmp: :jmp: hey I alredy have that money in my pocket.. :jmp: :jmp:

09-05-06, 18:06
My money is being stretched at the mo car and lessons, a 2 grand guitar and now ps3.